It is widely believed that massage is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Anyone who wants to lose weight is recommended to visit a masseur. But does weight really go away with such an impact on the body?

It is widely believed that massage is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Anyone who wants to lose weight is recommended to visit a masseur.

We have two pieces of news: the bad and the good. The bad news is that the massage itself will not help you lose a significant number of kilograms. Good – but it can promote weight loss, accelerate it, and make the body more beautiful.

A competent weight loss process requires an integrated approach. In order for the process of losing weight to occur naturally and harmoniously (which means not too fast, smoothly, without jumps and harm to the body), three conditions must be met:

  • Healthy nutrition is not a diet, not a restriction in food, namely the formation of correct habits, ideally the diet should be made with a nutritionist;
  • Physical activity – it is not necessary to “kill yourself” in the gym, you need to choose a sport that suits you and is pleasant for you – yoga, swimming, quick walks in the fresh air, etc.;
  • Auxiliary procedures – massage, wraps, baths, and saunas. There are various types of massage that numerous spa centers can offer, thus even on a vacation, say, in the Emirates, or a business trip, you continue your massage series and try Russian massage in Abu Dhabi at one of the best spa destinations.

How can massage help you lose weight?

We will only talk about manual massage. In which the masseur can affect various muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, joints, various internal organs, etc.

1. Improves blood circulation

All of the body’s cells receive nourishment and oxygen through the circulatory or cardiovascular system. The heart and blood veins that crisscross the whole body make up the circulatory system. Blood is transported from the heart by arteries; however, blood is returned through veins. Every critical organ helps to get blood through the circulatory system, which is activated by massage.

Additionally, massage increases blood flow inside and among the cells of different tissues, which supports the maintenance of cellular metabolism. Therefore, if blood flow improves, more nutrients will reach the body’s essential organs, ensuring their correct operation.

2. Improves muscle tone

If you engage in athletics, massage will assist in restoring and relaxing tense muscles. Recovery time in between exercises will be cut in half. Additionally, massage increases the flexibility and toughness of muscle fibers, helping you prevent strains and injuries.

Massage is sometimes referred to as “sports for the lazy” because even without exercise, it aids in improving muscular tone. It is very easy to start, just search for the spa in Abu Dhabi near me while having a vacation in the UAE, or choose another desired location and enjoy your first massage session.

3. Reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer

Adipocytes are the cells that make up adipose tissue. An important truth is that mature humans have a fixed number of fat cells; these cells do not multiply; only the size of the cells does. It has been proven by scientific research that frequent massage reduces the size of fat cells in areas where there is an excessive buildup of fat. But a single massage won’t solve this issue; healthy eating and exercise also need to be practiced.

4. Metabolism improves

A series of chemical processes called metabolism are required by the organism to sustain life. Work, stress, and common issues can all have an immediate impact on metabolic rate. Additionally, weight gain may result if the proper actions are not taken in a timely manner. The process of chemical reactions in the body is sped up by massage. The breakdown of intracellular fat occurs more quickly, enabling you to lose additional weight more quickly.

5. Cellulite decreases

A skin flaw that may affect persons of any weight is cellulite. However, it primarily affects women and is brought on by circulatory and lymphatic system degradation. Massage enhances the performance of these systems, aiding in the battle against cellulite.

6. Removes toxins from the body

The kidneys and urinary tract work together with the cardiovascular system to assist the body in eliminating toxins. The removal of poisons is triggered by enhanced blood circulation. One of the factors contributing to weight increase is the buildup of toxins. Consequently, eliminating toxins will make it simpler for you to drop extra weight.

For a noticeable result, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures, their number depends on the type of exposure and the state of the body. To preserve the effect, it is important to follow the instructions of a specialist, including recommendations regarding exercise, skin care, proper nutrition, and regular use of water.