Are you planning for the refurbishment of your home? Or are you tired of the monotonous look of your furniture? Has your furniture started looking dull in color? No matter whatever the reason is, furniture removal with the best option of disposal is a must. It is easy to dispose of plastic containers, debris, clothes, papers, bottles, or any other material but when it comes to furniture, one needs to have a deep thought thanks to its bulky weight and large size.

It is estimated that 5% of household waste accounts for discarded or old furniture.

In 2015, Americans tossed out around 12,000,000 tons of furniture. Some people put their furniture on the sides of the road at night to open up their space at the house. It is illegal. Others choose the option of getting rid of large and bulky material by throwing in landfills.

Although it is easy to think about landfills, remember, there are strict guidelines regarding the type of material to throw in it. You also need a vehicle for transportation for which either you have to urge someone to let you drive their property or have to pay for rent. Moreover, the count of landfills has been decreasing so it can’t be said that one is surely present near your locality.

Some other options can be selling furniture,  reusing it differently, and donating to the needy community. Some stores in cities pick up a bulk waste of large items like furniture and appliances. Contrarily, if you want to be environmentally friendly and dispose of your furniture in an eco-friendly manner, the best and last option is recycling.

Recycling of furniture depends on the type of it. Particularly, the recycling that is done for the items made of wood and metal.

Why recycle old furniture? 

1) It reduces the need for building new material and also saves the energy of manufacturing.

2) Reduce the footprints by lessening the level of waste in landfills.

Special requirements before sending furniture to the recycling centers

Check if any personal material like loose change, receipt, or anything else is left in the drawers and dressers. Some varieties of materials need to be dismantled first like chairs with cushions, and couches. So, make sure you have removed cushions on sofas and chairs.

 You should know the material of your furniture such as patio furniture is generally made of metal. Usually, wood is used for desks and tables, but couches and chairs have linen, leather, or cotton typically.

Options for recycling 

1) Send it to nearby recycling centers.

2) Contact a furniture removal company whose duty is primarily to dispose of the material in an eco-friendly manner. The most engaging things are done by them and we don’t need to pick and haul the equipment. Their services include collecting, loading, hauling the clutter away, and the proper clean-up of the left space.

Are you ready to end up your old furniture in the right place having a green choice?