The benefits of a DevOps-based culture

There are many ways of achieving a quicker product development and streamlined operation. One of them is DevOps, an approach that’s name origins from two terms – development and operations. In this post, we will show you what DevOps is all about and why it’s a good idea to implement this way of working into your company.

Let’s start with a short definition. What is DevOps? It’s a collaborative approach to the tasks performed by a company when it comes to web / mobile development and IT operations. DevOps comprises a set of guidelines, practices and processes that aim at making your digital product development quicker without compromising the quality of the outcome. In this approach, the IT, quality assurance, cybersecurity and other teams work together to create one, complete product that fulfills all the client’s or company’s expectations.

What does it mean to operate with DevOps?

First off, when working with DevOps, you introduce two significant practices to your everyday work:

  1. Continuous Integration (CI): It is the process of implementing changes, new features and bug fixes constantly, rather than on an as-needed basis.
  2. Continuous Development (CD): It is the process of publishing all the changes that happen in CI to the production environment so that they can be immediately seen and accepted by the management/client.

Thanks to this approach, it’s far easier to shorten the time to market with every new product while removing potential roadblocks at the same time. What’s also crucial, the DevOps approach assumes a close cooperation between the development team and the client. As a result, the final product rarely requires significant changes or adjustments.

The benefits of working with a DevOps-oriented company

More productive team

Because everyone involved in the development process works together toward a common goal, everyone is engaged in the projects because they know what to do. There are no delays or misunderstandings. Every doubt can be quickly resolved and the work – resumed. What’s also important, DevOps enables your company to automate all the repetitive and mundane tasks so that the team can focus on the essential parts of the project.

Quick defect detection

Because the product is continually developed and improved, there is no risk of overlooking some major problems or glitches within the product. Every problem is spotted almost immediately and, thanks to that, can be eliminated without unnecessary delays. Once again, this helps your team operate in a more efficient manner.

More time for improvements and innovations

DevOps accelerates the development process, thus making more space for experimenting with the product, testing new features and implementing innovative solutions. Moreover, maintaining and updating a product developed with the DevOps approach also takes considerably less time. The saved time can be to conduct more marketing/sales campaigns or to gather more in-depth feedback from the target audience.


DevOps is becoming a really popular solution that more and more developers are familiar with. As a result, you can implement this approach even to small and medium-sized projects that don’t have budget for a dedicated DevOps engineer. It simply becomes an ordinary way to develop digital products.

As you can see, there are some solid reasons for why you should be interested in this web development philosophy. If you’d like to know more about DevOps.