M3U are files that contain audio playlists, and short for MP3 URLs. However, M3U files are not, in essence, audio files. An M3U file has the task of “guiding” the media players so that they can find the location of the audio files or the folders containing the audio files, and then proceed to play them. An M3U file can contain textual data such as absolute path, relative path and URL to refer to specific multimedia files or the entire media file directory.

What is M3U Playlist URL?

Remember that M3U files themselves are not media files. Therefore, if you use other media players outside the list to open an M3U file, it is very likely that the program will not be readable because they only support media files such as MP3, MP4 while M3U is a plain text file. Because it is a text file, M3U files can, of course, be opened in any text editor (such as Windows notepad).

M3U files are usually not created from programming but by media players. For example, in media players like VLC, you can use the Media option> Save Playlist to File … to save the list of open songs as an M3U file. However, if you want to build your own M3U file manually, then the most important thing is that you use the appropriate syntax.

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