One of the positive features of Microsoft is the excellent support it provides to its software, from Windows 10 to the applications it has developed for both its own operating system and other ecosystems such as Android and iOS.

Despite this, we must recognize that this excellent support is only offered to the most popular programs, such as OneNote, Office or, as we speak today, Arrow Launcher, it’s one of the famous and best android launchers.

This application is extremely popular and has good ratings and reviews in the store, because it has a good performance on the devices where it can be installed, although of course, it must be clear that it will not convert your Android device into a Windows Phone, for that there are other Alternatives.

Arrow Launcher version 3.7 brings updates focused on the Contacts card

For a couple of weeks now, this new launcher update has been tested by several users, and for a couple of days, it is available to all who have an Android computer and want to change the interface of the same.

There are several new features that come with this version, but the ones that are perhaps the most important are two, both focused on the Contacts card that we visualize when sliding the left screen of the launcher.

Now, not only can we view our contacts, but other actions are also assigned, such as sending messages directly from there. The other improvement is that the launcher will detect duplicate contacts and delete them to show only one.

These are the new features that come with this version of Arrow Launcher, the 3.7:

  • You can choose different actions from the Contacts card available on the main screen.
  • Arrow will now review the calendar and remove contacts that are duplicated.
  • Local searches can now be rearranged.
  • The setup page has been reorganized for a better look.
  • New users can now log in with their Microsoft account through a better configuration experience.
  • Bugs were repaired in the status bar, calendar, search, hidden applications option and auto update.

The new Arrow Launcher update is now available to all Android users from the Play Store. In case it does not appear to you, you can check it directly from the store in the section “My apps and games”.