You know that smoking has many health risks, so you decide to kick the habit by trying not to smoke at all. But then you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the first week, and you find yourself having difficulties in stopping your habit of smoking. Even though you know quitting smoking is a daunting task, you tried countless techniques and suggestions, but the problem is that nothing seems to be working. So now, you do not know what to do.

You might have relapsed during the process by going back to smoking again or experienced withdrawal symptoms that only added to the problem. You might be thinking there is no chance you would ever get over your smoking problem, but assistance like nicotine vaping prescription from Smokefree Clinic could get you out of this anguish.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

You can have smoking triggers during the process of trying to stop. These smoking triggers include being surrounded by friends or family members who smoke, seeing an alcoholic beverage, or at the end of a meal. When these smoking triggers appear, it would be doubly harder to avoid relapsing because you get tempted by it.

However, you can avoid these smoking triggers. When you are around your family members who smoke, tell them you are trying not to smoke. If you are in your workplace, take a walk to divert your attention. When you feel the urge to smoke after finishing your meal, opt to chew gum or eat a piece of fruit. You can also try switching to non-alcoholic beverages instead of alcohol.

It won’t be easy to do these things, but getting past your smoking triggers can lead to an easier way out of your usual smoking habits.

Medication to Help You Quit

If you have seen yourself trying out traditional methods such as herbal treatments to resist smoking and aid your withdrawal symptoms, but they did not work out before, opt for a vaping nicotine prescription from Smokefree Clinic. Using these medically prescribed e-cigarettes helps in smoking cessation.

These nicotine vaping products are battery-powered devices that use a pharmaceutical liquid formulation containing nicotine, known as e-liquid, and heats it until it turns into a vapour which you inhale into your lungs. This technique is called vaping. Vaping is also called Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (INRT) and has been recognised as a strategy to assist you in quitting smoking.

You have the choice in your hands to make a huge improvement for your body’s sake, and this is the right solution for you. By choosing this type of medication, you can spend less and slowly see your life change little by little and find more time for yourself and the people you care about.


The best thing you can do to quit smoking is two things: change your lifestyle and choose a medication that would fit you best, such as getting yourself a nicotine vaping prescription from Smokefree Clinic.

Quitting smoking is not an easy feat because there will be challenges that will come your way. Still, when you know what to do and try your best to overcome it through methods proven effective, you will slowly get to the beginning of your new life, free from the looming shadows of smoking.