A Polo shirt is a garment that falls between a dress shirt and a T-shirt. It’s the type of cloth you wear for events that aren’t overly formal or informal. A polo shirt has been a staple in men’s wardrobe for decades now. It figures as a classier alternative to the conventional T-shirt. Moreover, it is quite easy to style this type of shirt by adding a few key pieces. You can find mens polo shirts in various options like stripes, collar knitted, icon polos, and baseball collar shirts. You can easily create either a retro or a classic look by choosing the appropriate ones for yourself.

Given below are some easy ways to wear it and look elegant.

Get an Effortless Casual Look

If you are attending any casual event, look beyond the classic polo shirt with collars. Ensure that the one you wear does not have buttons that sit too low on the shirt. It can give it the illusion of a V-neck. You can also go for a polo shirt in a bold colour and pair it with your favourite trousers. For an ultra-casual look, you can pair your polo with shorts and complete the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Dress Right for the Cooler Weather

If the weather outside is cold, opt for long-sleeved polo shirts. You can style these in various ways. If you have to attend an informal get-together, pair it with your favourite leather jacket and sneakers. Although you can wear jeans below it, yet another good option to try is chino trousers. They combine quite well with long-sleeved polo shirts. Opt for chinos that are dark in colour for getting that sophisticated look.

Get Summer Ready with Short Sleeved Shirt

Are you fond of working out at the gym? Well, now you can show off the results of your hard work by wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt. Regular mens polo shirts that feature contrasting tipped edges are a great option for everyday wear. You can find them in various sizes. Go for slim fit polo shirts if you want to show off your muscular physique. You can also contrast cuffs and coloured buttons to add more charm to your whole look.

Get a Formal Look with Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted polo shirts have a beautiful drape. It’s a highly comfortable garment and is ideally suited if you want to dress yourself up for a formal occasion. It has short sleeves and looks great with almost anything that you choose to pair it up with. A knitted polo shirt resembles fine knitwear and does not have much of a sporty appearance. Wear it with tailored trousers or any linen or cotton pants. You can also opt for cream-coloured jeans and finish off your look with a set of canvas tennis shoes or sneakers. Remember not to pair a knitted polo shirt with heavy and dark coloured denim.

Get a Relaxed Look with Sweatpants

If you want to get that laidback look, go with a polo shirt and sweatpants combination. You can slip into a pair of elegant low-top sneakers. To look smart rather than sloppy, ensure that the shirt is well fitted. This is the perfect athleisure look that is raging among men these days. You can also complete your ensemble with white canvas sneakers or gold athletic shoes.

When it comes to men’s fashion, polo shirts have always dominated the trends. They have a long history. These are perfect for getting ready for any casual or semi-casual occasion. You can pair this versatile clothing item with a variety of jeans, trousers, and footwear.