There is nothing better than wine and dine! Food brings happiness to everyone; there is nothing better than drinking your favorite alcohol with your favorite food. To enjoy the delicacies of the best restaurants, you need to sip in some exotic wine. Apart from having some fantastic health benefits, wine helps in enhancing the flavors of the food. Traveling around the world and not trying the most exquisite food and wines make the travel incomplete. Sometimes, people travel all around the world to experience the delightful flavors that the places have to offer. Therefore, when going to your favorite destination, you should keep a list of all the places for experiencing the best wine and dine.

The restaurants are becoming fancier with each passing day.

People do not visit restaurants just to eat food. There has been a shift in the lifestyle of people all around the world, and therefore, they look for a whole dining experience at a restaurant. When it comes to having the best culinary experiences, wine comes hand-in-hand. And for some people, drinking often outweighs the food, so having the best wine with your food is surely very important. You need to have a list of all the restaurants that are worth visiting while you are globetrotting around the world.

While you are traveling, it might get a little confusing as to where to go and what food to try. While some people love trying out food from the streets, others like relishing their food and wine in a relaxing fine-dine restaurant. Restaurants are becoming more fancier by catering to the various demands of the people. Be it the food, the wine, or the aesthetics, the restaurants are continuously innovating and evolving. Here is a list of the best restaurants across the whole world which you need to visit for the finest wine in 2020!

  1. BAROLO GRILL, DENVER, COLORADO: Barolo Grill is one of the best restaurants in the United States of America. Located in the city of Denver, Colorado, Barolo Grill has a unique 2100 bottle collection of wine. It has all kinds of wine that start from the class Merlot to Amador bourbon. The food at Barolo Grill is very tasty and that is why people voted it to be amongst the best restaurants for food as well as the liquor. The interiors of the place are very rustic and classy. Barolo Grill also has the most expert staff as compared to the other restaurants. The staff pays unmatched attention to even the smallest elements like the tableware, glassware, the restaurant’s temperature, and they are extremely enthusiastic about serving you the best wines.
  1. LE COUREUR DES BOIS IN BELOEIL, QUEBEC, CANADA: Located inside The Rive Gauche Hotel in Canada, this restaurant offers around 3950 selections and a stock of about 16,000 bottles of wine. It has wine for every occasion. The people relish the food served at the Le Coureur Des Bois In Beloeil restaurant. Amongst their wine collection, they have a broad collection of wine labels from France, Italy, and California. Being ranked amongst the top restaurants in the world, you should plan on visiting this marvel.
  1. THE MAINE STREET EATERY, DUBAI, UAE: The MAINE Street Eatery in Dubai is a marvel on its own. It has a classic view alongside a beautiful poolside terrace. This restaurant plans to win the hearts of people through their amazing collection of wines and the most loved menu. This restaurant is an outlet from the Dubai-famous MAINE chain. Their staff is class apart and showcase royalty in the way they treat their guests. The MAINE Street Eatery is transforming the way modern restaurants deliver class-apart food and services with satisfied customers throughout the world.
  1. MASQUE, MUMBAI, INDIA: Located in the deep lanes of Mumbai, Masque would be a little hard for you to find. But, the search for this gem Indian restaurant will be worth it. This restaurant has amazing Indian cuisines with a very subtle western touch. This Indian restaurant has a large collection of wines from all over the world. The chef specially suggests the type of wine to drink along with the food. He also ensures that the people are enjoying the food with all their hearts. The staff here is very passionate and has some handsome mustaches. The experience you will get at Masque is a class-apart and something that you would not get from any other part of the world.
  1. RESTAURANT MOSAIC, PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA: Being located in the beautiful city of Pretoria in South Africa, it is a haven for people who love drinking and fine dining. It has more than 6,000 selections of wines out of which 3000 are from South Africa itself. They also have a large number of vintage bottles, a total of 25 vintage bottles of alcohol. Restaurant Mosiac also has a collection of now more than 35 labels from Domaine de la Romance-Conti. You would not want to miss out on this restaurant for their delicious food and some really good wine.
  1. SISTINA, NEW YORK CITY, USA: Sistina is a charmer, located in everyone’s favorite, New York City. It is also very aesthetic because of the artwork by famous artists, Henri Matisse, and Donald Baechler. One of the most phenomenal things about this restaurant is its location. Being located on the 120th floor of an old townhouse in the Upper East Side. The alcohol inventory of this restaurant contains a large collection of over 80,000 bottles. Out of those bottles, there are about 1800 selections from Tuscany, Bordeaux, California, etc. You may also find some vintage collections here. To get the best food and wine, you should visit this legendary restaurant in New York City.
  1. ANTICHI SAPORI, MONTEGROSSO, ITALY: It is one of the most iconic restaurants in Italy as it has the best Italian food with the best Italian wines. The restaurant has an enchanting garden view with beautiful flowers and vegetables. The aim of the cook of this restaurant is to keep the historical traditions of Italy alive by sticking to the roots. Everything about this restaurant is an expression of the word rustic, be it the tiled dining room with its wooden tables and farm-tool furnishings to its warm and gourmet cooking, and the amazing wines.

If you live or are planning to travel to any of the above cities around the world, you should definitely plan of going to these amazing restaurants. These restaurants are a delight in themselves. All of them have an amazing collection of wine that you would not want to miss out on!