Utah is a famous local and international tourist destination with five national parks within its borders. It is also a rich agriculture zone, with livestock accounting for over three-fourths of its agricultural income. No wonder it’s America’s largest hay producer. Its immense agricultural wealth also makes its different agro-based products, and in Utah pole barns famous among its residents.

Pole barns are farm structures used for preserving crops and keeping livestock. But how can you build the best pole barns without running into costly but avoidable problems? By proper planning! Keep on reading to learn how proper planning could save you unnecessary hassles.

  • Know the Exact Size

Determine and plan the size of the pole barn. You must plan with variation in height, length and width to design a good-sized pole barn that suits your needs. It should neither be too big for your property nor too small to meet your needs. For instance, a small pole barn will always present capacity issues in the future, forcing you to demolish it and build a bigger one.

So, your plan should always aim for a bigger structure. Predetermining what you want to store in your pole barn helps create a sizable barn that fits your changing needs.

  • Avoid Poor Site Planning

Your pole barn site is also crucial. When choosing it, consider factors like drainage, sunlight, airflow, and accessibility. A pole barn can also make a great garage. However, locating it near a copse of trees makes it hard to pull larger vehicles up to the door. This shows you how important location is when constructing your pole barn.

If you live in a rain-rich area, don’t forget about grading. Avoid building your pole barn at the bottom of the hill to avoid rain floods.

  • Hire Professionals 

Pole barns are often built from wood, making them eco-friendly since wood is a renewable resource. Their steel part comes from recycled material. The building design used to construct pole barns is simple. There is limited wastage since the steel comes from recycled material.

Utahns prefer professionally designed and built barns. When you don’t have the slightest thought of where to start, hiring pole barn building experts is a good idea. In Utah, pole barns can be built with the help of local professionals, who can guide you through the process, to get the desired results.

  • Plumbing or Electrical Installation Comes after Building 

Some parts of the structure are easier to reach and construct before it is complete. You need extra precautions when installing pipes and electrical wiring. These items should be decided upon in the earliest stages of planning. Procrastinating them may create problems in finishing stages. Installing these items is easy since you are not dealing with concrete. However, if they are not set up correctly, they cause future problems.

  • Learning Local Codes

Consulting with your local inspector is critical when planning to run power in your pole barn. The inspector will advise you on local codes. Proper electrical codes protect you, your family, and your neighbors by encouraging safe practices. Improper wiring is dangerous and may lead to, power frequent power outages, electrocution, or even fires.

These tips will help you avoid future problems once you have constructed your pole barn. If you are unsure where to start, hire an expert to guide you through the construction process.