If you are involved in writing, you should know how important it is to inspire you. Once you have the inspiration, then your project will become easier for you. It can capture so much of your attention that you even forget to eat and sleep, just like when Megan Hess was writing Claris the Mouse books.

When it is hard to find inspiration, you will feel discouraged, and you will fail to do your job at all. If writing is just a hobby for you, you don’t have to pressure yourself to find inspiration to finish your book or your article. But what if your source of living depends on it? You have to find inspiration, no matter what! If you need some help, then here are some effective ways to bring your inspiration back.

Listen to Music

It has been proven that music can bring a positive influence. The truth is, listening to one song can already help you to concentrate and start writing. While listening to another song can help you relax and think of something engaging. Just be sure to look for the music that can influence you the most. Just turn it on when you need some inspiration for writing.


If you can’t find any ideas, you can relax and do not think of anything else. At this moment, your inspiration may emerge. Sometimes new ideas will even appear unexpectedly.

Write in Longhand

Due to modern technology, you seldom use pen and paper in writing. But what if you will close your Word doc and use your pen just like the way you wrote back then. Perhaps this can help in awakening your inspiration?

Find Something That Ignites Your Creativity

Based on some stories, Isaac Newton wanted to ponder in a quiet place, so he sat under an apple tree. Victor Hugo is unable to work if he can’t smell coffee. While Megan Hess finds inspiration in a tiny mouse when writing Claris the Mouse books, perhaps you can determine what habits you have that can excite your creativity. When you need inspiration, then you can resort to them.

Ask for Help From Others

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice from others. Even a simple phrase from other people can already ignite fresh ideas in your mind, even if you are not a writer.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Spending some time outdoors might be what you need in finding inspiration. You could either go camping or take a walk in a park. It does not matter what you do; the most important thing is you can have fresh air and some time to relax. Who knows, this new environment could bring you some inspiration.

Think of Something Different

Sometimes thinking of the same problem won’t lead you to anything but a dead end. As much as possible, try to focus on something that is not related to your writing. For instance, imagine yourself climbing Mt. Everest.

Look at Something Blue or Green

According to researchers, these two colours can likely influence your creativity. It is because the blue colour is commonly associated with the ocean or sky. At the same time, the green colour signifies growth.

If you are struggling to find that inspiration, then these tips can be a great help. Choose which one is more suitable and comfortable for you.