Drug testing has become the norm, especially in the most recent times where there are different kinds of drugs are popping up every single day. While some of the drugs are considered mild and are therefore overlooked for the most part, there are some that are often taken very seriously. That’s why employers are usually working around the clock to ensure that everything they do as far as drug testing is concerned, will lead to an increased level of productivity.

That said, it is also important to note that different industries conduct different tests based on the industry as well as their core values. There are five different kinds of drug tests that we know of; these include:

  • Urine
  • Sweat
  • Saliva
  • Blood
  • Hair

When do industries conduct drug tests?

Here are a few reasons that companies conduct these drug tests:

  • Pre-employment – it is important for a company to conduct a drug test before awarding anyone a contractin order to see that one isn’t a liability and would therefore bring nothing but good things aboard.
  • Randomly – these random drug tests are meant to catch any sneaky employees who have mastered the doping calendar and trying to work their way around it.
  • Return to duty – when an employee has been enjoying a vacation and it’s time to come back to work, the company is obliged to conduct a drug test to ensure that they aren’t having any illegal drugs in their systems that could compromise their productivity or even worse, put their colleagues in danger.
  • Post-accident – sometimes accidents to happen in the workplace or outside working hours. It is the company’s responsibility to conduct a drug test to their employees since there could’ve been many factors that would cause them to get addicted to drugs.
  • Annual physical tests – these tests are often put in the calendar to make sure that every employee gets tested at least once.

Without further ado,let’s take a look at these industries and the different drug testing methods that they employ:

The transporting industry

The transporting industry is arguably the most tested on this list. Ask any seasoned driver and they’ll tell you just how many saliva drug tests (oral fluid drug test) they’ve taken over the years. Some have even forgotten most of them because they happen so frequently. The reason why drivers are tested is because they need to be sober and sharp at all times. Failure to do so not only increases the chances of accidents happening but with that, lives are put at risk together with property being damaged.

All the CDL applicants need to be tested for cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine, meth, opiates, and amphetamines. If they test positive for any of the drugs mentioned above, then the motor carrier safety administration holds the right to deny them a license. Most of the drugs on this list can be detected using the popular saliva fluid drug testing. Thankfully, the antigen swab test is simple and only takes a few seconds for the samples to be collected.

If the drivers are working for private companies, then they will be liable to non-DOT tests. These so called non-DOT tests will require for the drivers to undergo more tests for other drugs. Drivers will also undergo antigen swab test for COVID -19 to make sure they aren’t driving around spreading the virus to others but thankfully, the COVID-19 antigen test is very easy and inexpensive to carry out.


Illicit drug use has become so rampant in learning institutions that each school is facilitated with more than one drug testing kit. The drug test kit is often used from time to time to test the students for specific drugs. These drug testing routines are meant to protect the students from overdosing on these drugs by catching them before it’s too late.

Just like it’s the case with the drivers, learning institutions are liable to giving the students options. Those who would like to offer sweat samples will be allowed to do so. The same goes for urine, blood, hair, or saliva samples. The schools have been supplied with all the necessary testing equipment, including those capable for conducting instant drug test if the need arises. In case they need any confirmations, then the students will be transported to the nearest health center for more rigorous testing and evaluation.

The food industry

It’s a no brainer that all businesses dealing with food processing are supposed to test their employees for drugs for obvious reasons. Besides testing for the drugs, most food companies always check for drugs because the last thing they want is for one of their employees to use their premises as a base of operation as that’s the quickest way to attract a lawsuit. And as we all know, most of these companies don’t need that kind of negative publicity. So, they do everything in their power to eliminate such incidents from taking place.

Besides their reputations, the food industries have their employees keep a close proximity to their clients and this is exactly why they need their employees to be sober thus avoiding any eventuality of accidents happening. Needless to say, if an intoxicated employee causes an accident and ends up hurting a customer, rest assured the company’s the one to get sued and not the employee. That’s why companies do not take chances and follow the protocol of testing their employees.

Retail industries

Retail industries also tend to have a strict no-drug policy that sees their employees observed under the proverbial microscope. Some of the biggest retail businesses in the world include amazon, Walmart, sears, etc. Since most of their employees have to make contact with their esteemed customers, it’s imperative that they adhere to each and every test.

Doing so ensures that the customers are served in the best way possible. Having clean employees does a great job boosting the company’s image, which explains why they take drug testing very seriously.

Construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most high-risk businesses and therefore it makes the most sense that the company have a strict anti-doping policy. Having a single construction worker reporting to work high can have extremely high repercussions. Unfortunately, 15% of construction workers in the United States alone have drug-related issues.

It therefore makes a lot of sense that the industry takes the testing as seriously as they possibly can. These tests are often geared towards weeding out the culprits and not bringing them to justice. They, just like other industries on the list, use a give panel drug test cup. These include dip cards, test strips, or oral swabs – all depending on the company in question.


While most of the industries listed above make drug testing mandatory, their ultimate goal isn’t to bring any drug users to book. All they care about is the quality of work as well as safety of their customers. Anything other than that doesn’t concern them at all. That said, it is extremely important for you to stop consuming drugs before considering to join any of the industries listed above, or any industry for that matter.