Overburden sets in when you do not know how to reduce the time you spend on some work.

Do you know it is easy to achieve tasks without draining your capacity?

Performing some missions in a short range is what entrepreneurs of today desires.

They do not what to labour on a single task needlessly without achieving their goals.

In fact doing a seemingly tedious work using some tools can save you from agony and unnecessary waste of time. This is what technology is trying to do for us –reducing the time we spend on workbench battling tasks while they should not take half an hour with a simple tool, which may even be free online.

Do not be bewildered that as an entrepreneur, some tools should not be strange to you again. They are what your associates depend on, which make them appear smart when they achieve some tasks.

Below are some tools you need to accomplish those tasks that gulp your times, and still you do not solve them like a professional. Find a chance to imbibe these tools into your routine activities. I bet, your days would be less hectic.


May be you are not aware, that your competitors are planning to outsmart you in sales and development. Here is Ahrefs, a platform where you can spy on your competitors so you can plan and make progress at the same time.

Ahrefs is good for start-ups. Since nothing is new on earth, you can borrow the ideas of your competitors and convert it into something big. Do not worry of how Ahrefs teaches that. it is a platform that gives you the way to make what you spied usable for you, and it makes you stand above your equals.


Google makes provision for you to host your blog on blogger without paying a dime. It comes so simple and does not pose a future threat to your files.

It is as simple as using a free template and hosting it without any stress. However, you have to be careful because Google can decide to remove your blog from their platform if you violate their policy.


Like the blogger, WordPress is widely used for creating website or blog. It does not require you to have in-depth knowledge of programming other than basic computer know how. One major difference here is that WordPress does not delete websites on its platform. Also, it is not 100% free like blogger.


You make international calls, and it takes your fund especially if you are in Africa? Here is TringMe, used for cheap international calls. Entrepreneurs use this mobile app to make international calls often using a small amount to achieve tangible connection. It comes in a clear and fine-tuned voice with a reliable encryption. The customer care is ready all time in case you perceive any issue.


Dropbox is a cloud storage facility for keeping large files, it is easy to download and backup your files on the go without any stress. Dropbox is free to some extent and comes in an easy package. The platform is easy to use and can be depended on anytime, anywhere.

Are you thinking of making progress in your dealings, why not depend on these applications to solve your tasks quickly and without wasting your precious time.