Some people don’t value their rights, while others believe that they are more important than anything else. And most of the people from the second group pay attention to them not only while having issues with the law but also in their daily lives. They ensure there are no hidden fees so that they bet on sports online at 20Bet sportsbook that pays attention to transparent transactions, no one watches him, so he uses VPNs. Are you one of these people? Then, these movies will definitely attract you.

Dark Waters

Robert Bilott is a lawyer who advises huge chemical companies. One day a local farmer comes to him for help: he complains of a mass cattle death and blames it on the chemical plant next door.

At first, Bilott doesn’t take the complaint seriously, but nevertheless arrives at the ill-fated farm, as its backwoods surroundings are the small homeland of the successful lawyer. He wants to settle the case quickly and appease the farmer, but instead becomes a central figure in one of the chemical industry’s most high-profile scandals.

The Defender

Dr. Bennet Omalu has to conduct an autopsy of an American football star. The cause of death is a heart attack, but Omalu finds no preconditions for such a demise. He decides to examine the athlete’s brain and finds lesions typical of boxers with years of experience.

Further examination of the case reveals other strange details. Before his death, the footballer complained of memory loss, hallucinations and outbursts of aggression. Several other people soon die, but soccer club managers refuse to connect all of these deaths.

The Insider

Scientist Jeffrey Weigand worked for a tobacco company but was fired for research that did not please management.

As fate brings him in contact with the producer of a popular television program, Wigand gets an idea: do an exclusive interview and expose the unsightly facts about tobacco production.

Erin Brockovich

A single mother with no work experience and no education gets a job at a law firm. In her hands, she gets a case for the sale of real estate: at first glance absolutely trivial papers, but the woman, embarrassed, somehow swept in the health certificate and medical tests. The desire to find out how they got here, lead the newly minted lawyer to the trail of an environmental crime of a large corporation.

North Country

In a town in Minnesota, almost all of the local men work at a mine. Because of unemployment and financial problems, some of the women take jobs there, too.

Josie Ames is one of those women. She left her husband because of beatings and was left with two children. Her father also works at the mine and does not approve of his daughter’s decision: he thinks it is not a woman’s job. The other workers are not happy, either: they openly despise the girls who work at the mine and make cruel jokes about them. Josie even has to fight off the aggressive pranks, which becomes the last straw: she sues the mining company.

A Civil Action

Jan Schlichtman, a lawyer, is not squeamish about manipulating the jury’s verdict with emotion: here he is, right in the courtroom, acting out a scene where he is caring for his client in a wheelchair with a heart-warming look. At the same time, he speaks calmly about the price of human life as a professional lawyer: Schlichtman constantly seeks lucrative pre-trial settlements and knows which combination of health, gender, color and age is most advantageous.

He initially declines his next case. Several small-town residents suspect the local tanneries of polluting the water, but this litigation looks futile from a financial standpoint. But the lawyer changes his mind as soon as he finds out that one of the factories is owned by a large corporation with a multi-million dollar turnover: if he wins in court, the case will bring him a large profit.