Ohio, December 14th, 2021:  Online Medical Card, a cannabis telehealth platform, has finally started catering to patients in Ohio state. Residents of the state can easily approach state certified doctors through online medical card’s website or mobile application and get themselves evaluated to know if their health condition qualifies for medical marijuana consumption.

“We believe in providing proper knowledge regarding the plant so that patients feel comfortable in using it as a medication even if they are total beginners”, said Dr. Fu, founder of online medical card. “We hope people in Ohio will acknowledge the medicinal properties of the herb and get the most through 420 evaluations where we primarily examine a patient’s medical history but it is more or less like counseling.”

420 evaluations is an added step in the process of getting a medical card, in which the doctors evaluate the patients on the basis of their medical history and current health state. On the basis of these evaluations the doctor decides if the patient qualifies to use medical marijuana. As much important it is for the doctors to make the right decision, it is important for patients too as this is the stage where they get to know if and how the plant shall work in their favor.

“We take evaluations very seriously as without them neither the doctor nor the patient would know how the plant would react to a specific body”, added Dr. Fu. “While there is abundant information available on the internet regarding medical marijuana, its medicinal properties, and beneficial effects, no study or article can explain how it shall work for your body particularly. This is why it is important to consult a reliable doctor who can at least give you a generic idea of your body and how it shall react to the medication.”

There is a significant increase in the number of patients who have shifted to marijuana and are considering it a better alternative since it is natural and safe. This is probably a reason why platforms like the online medical card are expanding their services to new states this year.

The platform has been consistently serving patients in need since 2009 and has successfully served over 50,000 patients. With a mission to enhance the quality of life of their patients, doctors at the online medical card make sure that their patients get all the assistance they may require from knowing about marijuana to using the medication for managing their condition. With them extending their services to Ohio it seems like the patients are going to benefit from the plant and their guidance altogether.

About Online Medical Card

Online medical card is a platform started by a doctor to provide assistance to the patients who are seeking medical benefits of marijuana. Founded in 2009 in California, it started as a clinic with in person visits but with telehealth becoming the new normal, they decided to offer their services online as well. Till date, they have served more than 50,000 patients successfully and intend to reach out to a bigger audience.

With state laws favoring the cannabis market, the online medical card intends to expand their services even further. Right now, the target is to get a positive response from the residents of Ohio.

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