There aren’t a lot of people who enjoy cleaning their home and keep it neat all the time. But because of that there are times when you will have someone coming over and you won’t have the whole day to clean the place up. You are likely to have 10 to 15 minutes until they show up at your home. Here are our top tips on how you can quickly clean up your place when you are in a time crunch.

You Must Prioritize

When you are in a time crunch, there is no need to clean the whole house, you will need to clean just the rooms that will be seen by other people. Therefore, make a quick plan on what rooms you will focus on and close off the access to ones that you don’t have time to clean. Most guests will hang out with you in the lying room, backyard or the kitchen. Make sure that you close the doors to the rooms that you don’t want to be seen.

Always Stay Organised

When you are in a time-sensitive and stressful situation, you don’t have the time to start freaking out and running around. You will need to come up with the perfect gamepad on the spot. Quickly write down all the things that you need to take so you don’t forget to do things. Make sure that you always have fragrance house plants because they have so many benefits.

Carry Your Supplies with You

To keep yourself from losing time running back and forth to get all the cleaning supplies that you need, keep them in a bucket or an apron with you while you are cleaning. If you are really in a time crunch put them in your apron so you can move faster.

Keep Moving When You’re Vacuuming

When it is time to vacuum, don’t waste your time vacuuming every nook and cranny. You have to make sure that you are walking and running your vacuum and cleaning only the visible parts of your carpets. Some things just don’t need to be done when you are in a rush, and no one will notice that they haven’t been done.

If You Can Make Cleaning a Group Activity

If you have children or live with someone, ask them to clean with you, that way you will be able to clean the house much faster and more efficiently. It can also make it more fun as you are all scrambling around to get as cleaner as possible. Another thing that will drastically improve the time of your cleaning is by hiring cleaning services from time to time. Firstly you will want to get to know the house cleaning prices and once you find someone who fits in your budget, your life is much easier. That is because your home will always be cleaner and less messy when you get it professionally cleaned.

Set yourself a 10-minute Timer

There is nothing that will get your adrenaline rushing than setting a 10-minute timer and cleaning as much as you can until the time runs out. That way you will be as productive as possible because you have the visual representation of how much time you are working with. To keep your home looking clean, try to do the ten-minute timer twice every day.

Clean the entire house

You may think that if you start cleaning your house by dividing it into many parts and start by finishing each part, you can save more time but it’s a wrong idea and not practical at all. For example, imagine you want to vacuum and dust the first room, then start cleaning the windows, etc. And doing this for all rooms and areas will waste your time because you can simply vacuum the whole house then dusting your entire house. This way,  you will see how much you can save time.

Keeping a trash can near you

Has it ever happened to you that you needed to leave the area to wash your napkin or to toss any discards while cleaning your house? That’s why carrying a trash can, extra napkins or towels and a water bowl near you can save much of your time as you no longer need to leave the area for those jobs.

If you follow these tips your speed cleaning will leave your home company-ready is no time. But, even if there are no unannounced guests coming over you can do this speed cleaning session and your home will be tidy in time. Play some music to make the time pass faster and have more fun while doing it.

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