What is Deep Web? Where it comes from and how it works is still a mystery to many people. Let me explore!

The internet world exists an underworld that most of us are not aware of, which is the Deep web, also known as the deep web (deep web, hidden web, invisible web …) – English is Deep Web (or Deep Net, Undernet, Invisible Web …). According to The Guardian, you can only view about 0.03% of internet data through search engines like Google and the rest is the Deep web. So what is Deep Web? Where it comes from and how it works is still a mystery to many people. The following article will help you better understand the Deep Web as well as the scaryness it brings to the user.

1. What is Deep Web?

Deepwebs are web sites where content on the network is hidden or unlisted. It makes up 96% of the internet and holds up to 7500 terabytes of data compared to the 19 terabytes of the Surface Web (the current floating network everyone is using).

2. The layers of the Deep web

Level 0: Common Web – (Normal Web)

This layer is the web pages that you surf every day such as: youtube, facebook, wiki and other famous sites or pages that are easily accessible.

Level 1: Surface Web – (Surface Web)

This layer is still accessible in (by, by) the usual ways, but includes (more) dark web sites like Reddit.

Level 2: Bergie Web (Web admitting)

This layer is the last layer that is normally accessible, all subsequent floors must be accessed through a proxy. Use tor or customize your hardware. On this floor you can find some secret websites.

Level 3: Deep Web – (The Web is hidden)

Deep Web has 2 parts:

  • The first part of this layer is accessed via proxy. It includes cp (Child porn), gore (horror clip: hostage beheading, organs etc …), hacking websites … ..
  • The second part of this layer is only accessible via Tor, and it contains more sensitive information.

Level 4: Charter Web

This floor is also divided into 2 parts:

  • The first is accessed through  Tor , things like drugs, human trafficking, deleted movies and books (forbidden, like violence, gore, heresy, etc.) and the black market.
  • Part 2 accesses through hardware modifications: 1 “Closed Shell System” (sort of to make your computer more secure to enter this tier). Trouble is from here, this section includes hardcore CP (child porn), information about heavy vk experiments (or machines?), Law of 13: this is a dangerous criminal / political organization They will strike 13 events against humanity to restore a new world order, world war 2 experiments, and the location of Atlantis.

Level 5: Marianas Web

To get to this level of the Deep Web, a special system is required: Some suggest you need an old computer with an operating system, or solve the problem of quantum mechanics. computation mechanics). The polymeric – then I give up, and here comes confidential government data, prohibited archives, confidential information, the bizarre spiritual activities of secret societies, as well as offerings. sacrifices, sacrifices …… etc

Level 6: Diversion

It is hard for most people to pass Level 4 to level 5. If you pass the above government control system, you will have to understand the principles of Quantum computer (or organize a large-scale attack) to reach Level 6 – Diversion. This is seen as a diversion barrier, preventing individuals from accessing Levels 7 and 8.

Level 7: The Fog / Virus Soup

It is a place where the players, the geniuses gather, where they kill each other, publicly and stealthily sabotage – like – the mountain of flowers. The reason is that this is the place where high-value sales orders (a few tens of millions to a few billion dollars) are gathered. So the information will be encrypted and “with promotion” is the virus, aimed at preventing – strangling anyone who likes to mess with other people. And above all, Level 8 protection.

Level 8: The Primarch System

The last one, discovered in 2000 after a centralized review of data. In fact, no one knows what’s down there, doesn’t know what information it contains or if it actually works. The 7th floor above, apart from the business district, is also the place where everyone is trying to break Primarch’s encryption system.

3. You cannot search Deep Web on search engines

Deep Web also has other names such as Secret Web, Hidden Web, Invisible Web, Underground Web, etc. 96% of Deep Web data goes outside of search engines like Google or Bing.

4. Deep Web is really dangerous

A cyber security blogger has become a target of retaliation for deliberately revealing the identities of credit card information thieves hiding on the Deep Web. They sent a gram of Heroin to the person’s house and informed the SWAT task force to search.

5. It is not easy to get into the Deep Web

One can access the  Deep Web through Tor , software that allows users to access the Deep Web in incognito mode. The Deep Web receives 80% of the budget from the US government, the rest from the Swedish government and other organizations.

6. Deep Web is where black transactions are made

The Silk Road site is the Deep Web’s black market, allowing users to openly buy opium and other goods including organs, Silk Road used to make transactions up to 1.2 billion USD and bring in commissions worth 80 million USD.

7. The Deep Web is a place that holds confidential political information

Political activists contacted each other through the Deep Web during the organization of the “Arab Spring Revolution”. Edward Snowden also used the Deep Web to leak documents about the NSA’s intelligence program.

8. Deep Web is a talent search engine for the government

In 2012, there was a “treasure hunt” activity called Cicada 3301, using the Deep Web to entice players to participate. The puzzles come up mainly to crack codes, leading to many assumptions that these games are a recruitment tool of the government agency.

9. The place where the extremists operate

The US government intercepted and read Al-Qaeda’s messages and messages on the Deep Web, leading to the closure of 22 US embassies to ensure employee safety. It is estimated that up to 50,000 sites of extremists exist on the Deep Web.

10. You can hire an assassin on the Deep Web

Services such as hiring assassins or selling weapons and banned goods are provided on the Deep Web. The price list of an assassin reads: “Ordinary people over 20,000 Euros and politicians – senior officials costing more than 100,000 Euros”.