Street workout, comes with the phrase Calisthenics – a term that represents a flexible, non-heavy exercise using weight and using your own body weight. In order to better understand this subject and compared to regular bodybuilding through the form of going to the gym, what are the strengths of street workout, let’s learn through the article below, and maybe, you will catch How about first love this subject.

What is street workout (Calisthenics)?

Street workout (Calisthenics)is a method of training that does not require weights or complex support equipment, using only the body weight for training (Body-Weight Training). Street workout is a combination of athletics, gymnastics and sport. Street workout is not only a way to exercise health, a simple aesthetic, but it is also a lifestyle, a way of life for those who practice. Each person with each different body weight is used to exercise creatively, helping to enhance health, resistance, muscle strength, and aesthetic body shape. Street workout especially trains for those who train with a strong will and resilience in life to overcome difficulties and challenges like conquering peaks in training, it helps the practitioner have think more positively, give up, stay away from bad lifestyles, unhealthy social lifestyles, helping people to be happier and more sociable. The plus point of this sport is that it does not depend on the training space, the training equipment like in the gym, simply need a single bar and double beam. With Street Workout, everyone of all ages as well as all health conditions can participate in the exercise, it’s never too late to start training.

Currently, Street workout is popular all over the world, especially Eastern Europe, Europe, North America, Asia … and especially appeared in Vietnam for about 6 years, they We have Hanoi Street Workout – Calisthenics and SaiGon Calisthenics are the 2 largest communities, in addition there are a number of other clubs in the provinces such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh …. Nowadays, the number of people know Street workout – Calisthenics up to thousands of people and hundreds of members participate in the practice.

The advantages of the Street workout over the gym

In terms of location, training space, this is a huge plus for Street workout. All the obstacles of geographical distance to reach the weightlifting gym will be solved immediately, you absolutely can choose for yourself a flat space wherever you like to start Calisthenics because almost no tools are required in this subject. This eliminates quite a lot of annoyances from going to the gym for you.

Going to the gym with a wealth of equipment to support the practitioner’s teeth seems like a very good thing, but the truth is not.

In the gym, most exercises affect each muscle group individually, this makes it easy to choose the exercises you like, but for inexperienced novices it is easy to make mistakes when choosing only a few. certain muscle groups. Causing a serious imbalance in the body, strong muscle mass and size, but the core (core) muscles have less impact leading to potential injuries in the future.

Going to the gym and seeing many people with well-proportioned and muscular bodies can be the motivation for you, but many people do not want to go to the gym, this is no longer a worry when exercising. Street workout.

Although not much, but not going to the gym also saves you an extra membership fee in your monthly budget. This money will help you move faster in the savings process to your desired Lamborghini, in addition, traffic pressure, traffic congestion from commuting to the gym have also been eliminated.

In addition, most young people today have very busy lives and jobs, not everyone has a fixed free time every day, so going to the gym “male meal” very often happens. Inexpensive, low efficiency will make you easily discouraged and ultimately quit exercise.With Street workout, in contrast, you do not need to go to the gym, do not need to pay monthly room fees, can exercise anywhere sometimes because the “tool” is your body. In short, Street workout (Calisthenics) offers you a lot of real health, not just muscle beauty.

Another point, if you exercise, you want to increase the size and strength of the muscle group you need to work out, we add weight plates. From the amount of weight you add, you can easily track your progress. Street workouts also present challenges, but not exactly how to measure each weight, each plate like that. For example, a push-up, you can’t do one-handed pushups by as simple as lifting your other hand and done. In order to do this, we need a variety of push ups and don’t have a clear measure of strength. In addition to the need for strength from the chest muscles and triceps like the basic push ups, one-handed push ups also require coordination from the back muscles to keep the body balanced. This is also a highlight of Street workout,

A few advanced moves in Street workout

From the moment you perform these enhancements, it is no longer simply the practice, but you can smoothly turn it into a performance. This can be compared to the image of swans in the lake, gentle, carefree on the surface, but below is a pretty great effort.

Similar to bodybuilding, Street workout also has strict rules to follow:

Persistence : Any subject must invest time and effort to practice. Achievement cannot come in a day, but must be a process.

Must understand the techniques of the basic exercise : Everything must start from simple to complex, slowly build, not leap.

Do the right and enough movement : The effect of the exercise and the whole process will not be evident if you do not practice properly, exercise enough.

Proper rest and nutrition : Adequate rest and nutrition will help your muscles develop fully, foster your body’s flexibility and health. This is an introductory, instructive synthesis. Specific exercises and reference textbooks will be presented more clearly in the following articles.

After all, which discipline to practice largely depends on your own goals . The desire to become a weightlifting athlete, a fit body or perform planche, handstand is up to you. Through this article, I hope that it is useful in deciding your practice method.