What is fake ip?

Fake IP is the connection to any website through a Proxy Server, which conceals the real IP address of the computer and instead is a range of virtual IP addresses, or IP of a certain country.

Principle of operation : Your Computer => Proxy Server => Website

When you access the internet through Server Proxy, the pages will get the Server’s IP (virtual IP)   , not our real IP. When you use a proxy server, you are on a detour, not directly connected to the site.

What is the purpose of fake ip?

  • The purpose of the IP Fake fool the server, and not the server to retrieve the location of the visitor. For example, PUBG Lite is only available to play in Thailand, otherwise Fake IP, the server will recognize you are from Vietnam and block access.
  • Access to blocked websites. Besides Facebook, many foreign websites block Vietnamese users. Therefore, you need to need a solution to fix this problem that is to use a Proxy or fake ip to go to another country for access.
  • Surfing the web with a fake IP makes you safer on the internet, avoiding hackers’ attention. You can facke IP to other countries such as UK , USA, Germany … Overcoming the Firewall of some websites blocking IP address in Vietnam.

Common IP fake support tools?

  1. Ultrasurf

You can use Ultrasurf software to Fake IP easily to other countries to access foreign websites that are banned in Vietnam.

  1. DNS Jumper

With DNS Jumper you can change DNS quickly, this little software gives you a list of DNS completely free and very easy to use.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield must be too familiar to you, right? This software helps you hide your IP, surf anonymously, keep your online account information secure, bank account information secure, and encrypt passwords … to avoid hackers. This software also supports ISP protection to ensure your surfing takes place safely.

Instructions for simple IP fake by browser addon.

First you open chrome browser, then download the addon here


Select ” Add to chrome “

Once done, you will see the newly installed icon in the right corner of the browser.

Next, when you want to fake IP, just tick ON, or OFF if you want to turn it off.

You can change any other IP, choose “change