What is unravel link?

Shorten Link or Shorten Link is a link shortening (link) technique, the URL can be significantly shorter than the original. When a user clicks on the short URL, he or she will be redirected to the website with the original long URL. The shortened link creation will help users easily share and manage clicks to the URL with detailed statistics.

Now there are ways to shorten the link? Let’s learn 3 ways to shorten links on phone and computer completely free.

Why need to shorten Link?

Some URL shorteners can also help you track and manipulate those links, with features like click analysis. You can track the traffic from which source to your website by using different shortened links.

When creating a shorter URL, the link looks more aesthetically pleasing

With some social sharing platforms that share a limited character link, this is an effective way for you to fix that. Helping you to share easily on social networks. A friendly URL can be used when sending a text with a limited number of characters in a message (eg SMS) or posting on twitter when the 140 character limit is limited. set.

Top 3 popular free link shorteners

  1. Shorten links with Bit.ly – Helps you track links

Bit.ly or Bitly.com is a popular, highly reliable, free link shortener that is trusted by many major brands, as well as famous people.

The operation is extremely simple, you just need to visit the website Bitly.com or Bit.ly to create an account, then copy the link and paste it in the short box, then click Shorten.

Bit.ly will pay you a short link, you can customize the path as you like.

A free limited account where you can customize your shortened URLs, track clickthrough rates, and get info about your top referral links. Useful for those who want to track conversions from which source.

Includes plans like: free account limits you to 500 branded links and 10,000 unbranded links. Business-class accounts (custom pricing) allow you to create as many arbitrary branded links as possible, as well as receive richer reports on who clicked on your link.

Feature of the tool bit.ly link shorten

– Connect new domain, customize the path as you like

– There is a dashboard analyzing the number of clicks by country

– Stored in the cloud

– Simple interface, easy to use.

– Supports extensions on web browsers.

  1. Shorten the link with ow.ly

Another popular shortener is the Ow.ly website – a link shortener from the leading social media app HootSuite.

You can also share files, images and videos easily with Ow.ly in all kinds of different formats. The real benefit of using this link shortener comes with using it together with HootSuite for all your social media

Features of the tool Ow.ly link shorten

– URL Performance Metrics

– Mobile platform support

– Monitoring ratings

– Simple interface, easy to use.

-After shortening the link, you can post it directly on the social networks you have linked.

Allows to share files, images and videos easily with all types of different formats.

– Supports extensions to shorten links.

  1. Shorten links with Tiny URL – Use fast, anonymous

TinyURL free URL shortener is a great tool when you need to create a short link that will never expire. TinyURL can suggest a shorter URL for you, or you can customize the results, although it will start with tinyurl.com.

TinyURL also provides a toolbar button that allows you to create a short link from the current web page on the screen.

From any web page, you can click on that link and it will take you back to TinyURL where a shortened link will be generated for the page you started with. TinyURL is completely free and anonymous to use, but it does not contain any reports or information about your links and their popularity. Simply make your link shorter.

The feature of the Tiny URL link reduction tool

– Fast navigation

– Option to customize URL shortened

– Use anonymity

– Easy to use