Are you considering hiring a personal stylist? You should think long and hard about the person you choose.

Your personal stylist should have some key traits, and a good one can help you with a personal style box delivered. Here are some good things to look for in your personal stylist:

#1 Should Be From a Good Source

There are many personal stylists who advertise their services. You should hire one that is recommended by a good source. You may find sites online that ask you a few questions and connect you with a stylist. But we think it is better to find someone in a more personal way with whom you share a connection. Find someone who knows your personal style and has been successful with similar clients. Ask friends, neighbors and family, and go with a person you connect with who has been successful in the past.

#2 She Should Understand You

Before you hire your stylist, you should meet them in person. Explain your style and make sure they know what you do and do not like. You know the feeling you get with a person you just met and you hit it off? This is how you should feel with the right stylist.

#3 Good Communication Skills

It is important for your stylist to have excellent communication skills. You also should be good at communicating your style and preferences. If you want your personal stylist desire to work well, you need to communicate well with each other. Your stylist should not be afraid to ask questions sometimes and give their opinions, as well.

#4 Honesty

Your personal stylist needs to have your best interests at heart. So, she should be honest with you. But you need to be honest with her. If she is putting you in clothes that do not work for you, tell her. Remember that the process of styling is intimate because you are letting someone you barely know see your wardrobe and will affect your life going forward.

#5 Knowledge

Your stylist needs to understand the latest fashion trends. They also should know the best places to shop, where the best deals are, and what will work for your shape and size. They also should be able to pick flattering clothes for you that make you look good with ease.

If you follow these guidelines, we think you will find a personal stylist that will fit you like a glove.