One of the hardest decisions to make in planning a kid’s birthday party is the venue where you can hold the event. Like other events, the venue can make or break a kid’s grand birthday party.

Selecting the perfect kids birthday party venues can also help you with all the preparations allowing you to save time, energy, and even money. Below are what you should consider when choosing the right party venue for your kid’s birthday.

Your kid’s preference or interest

Since your main goal is to make your little one happy on their birthday, think about the venues that could offer what they like. For instance, your kid loves playing video or arcade games with their friends. You can choose an amusement arcade centre that offers a venue for a birthday. This kind of venue can provide gaming machines and other types of games that your kid and their friends will surely love.

Activities and entertainment

If you are going to host a party that will be attended by guests of different ages, you need a venue that can entertain even the older guests. Check all the activities that the venue offers.

While most activities should excite your kid and the guests, there should be at least two activities or games for the older kids, like Laser tags or bumper cars. Moreover, if you are going to invite adult friends, make sure that there are food and places to spend some time.


You need to know the venue’s capacity to know how many guests you can invite. Venues like indoor parks and amusement centres can accommodate a limited number of guests, but the cap is usually large.

Some venues will have some additional charges if your guests’ number is more than their stated limit.


No matter how good your venue is, some guests won’t be able to come if the venue is out of the way. With that in mind, you must also consider the location of the venue. Ensure that the venue is easily accessible, near public transportation hubs, or somewhere where the guests can have easily get buses or taxis.

Moreover, you should also consider a parking space. Some of the guests may need a parking space for their vehicle to wait for their kids.

Party packages

Choosing a party package for your kid’s birthday can save you tons of time, and even money. Having a birthday package can alleviate the stress of looking for the right vendors, decoration, food, and other party needs.

It is wise to choose kids birthday party venues that can offer an all-inclusive birthday party package. They can provide everything from invitations to food and activities and entertainment to hosts.

These are some of the most important factors that you should consider in choosing the right venue for your kid’s birthday. Once you find a place with these factors, book the event as soon as possible as these venues can get filled quickly since many parents are looking for the same venue for their kid’s party.