There’s no doubt that digital currencies’ popularity is increasing day by day. But what’s the secret? Apparently, coins are much more expensive. Well, up to now, the most expensive currency is undoubtedly the Bitcoin. However, apart from Bitcoin, there are other digital currencies you should know about. For example, Ripple coin is one of them. This coin was the first to be invented among all the other types of existing digital currencies since it was invented in 2004. Nonetheless, it started to become popular in 2012.

How come Ripple coin is so popular now?

Today, the value of this coin is rising by the minute, especially in the last weeks where its value is much higher than when it was first launched. Have you wondered why many traders are now utilizing this coin? The reason is that most of these traders are Google workers and people working in big industries. Consequently, now a lot of people are interested in investing in Ripple XRP. This has been the ideal currency for those who can’t afford Bitcoin.

So far, no digital currency has been registered under the law of any country. This is the main reason why you should be careful at the moment of choosing a wallet to store digital currency. You may lose all your money saved if you pick out a wrong Ripple wallet. Take your time to understand how Ripple coin works because by doing so it will give you a different understanding about digital currency and protection as a plus. What should you be protected from? You should try hard to find an ideal digital wallet to protect yourself from bad people, bad traders, scammers (there are lots of them) and fraud. But it is necessary to know which wallet to use, or rather, which Ripple wallet to use. Luckily, there are many other options you can choose from. Here’s one of them:

The Ledger Nano S

Imagine you can get Ledger Nano S inside your pocket. Yes, you can have it. Believe it or not, you can even have Bitcoin and Ethereum in your pocket. The Ledger Nano S is a wallet perfectly designed to keep your money protected. The difference between Ledger Nano S and other digital wallets is that Ledger can be in your hand physically. You can touch it and pocket it like any other physical leather wallet.


This wallet looks like a flash-driver where you can save information, but in this case, you are not going to save info but money. The plus side about Ledger is that it seems to have unlimited storage. The only thing you have to do is to attach the wallet to your pc or any other device like a laptop or Smartphone.

Ledger comes with a cable which can be used to do actions like sending and receiving money. The wallet is smart and small but above all, user-friendly. It has all the necessary features to keep your money under protection and away from hackers.

So far, the price of this wallet is under $60 (in some cases, $65). We can consider this digital wallet as one of the most expensive ones in the market but also one of the best Ripple XRP wallet.