Over the years, the problem of teenage substance abuse and alcohol consumption has grown consistently in the United States. As a result, local, state, and federal governments have done (and continue to do) everything in their power to deter underage individuals from buying and consuming alcoholic beverages and other age-restricted substances.

Hence, businesses such as bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, and pubs that sell alcohol and other age restricted products need to take some precautions so as to ensure that they do not accidentally make a sale to a minor. Selling alcohol to an underage customer can lead to dire consequences for the business which would probably lead to a major loss of revenue.

The Consequences of Selling Alcohol to Minors

Legal repercussions that might be triggered by the sale of alcohol to a minor include fines, license cancellations, and the closing down of the establishment. The business might even have to face expensive lawsuits that will drive it into bankruptcy. Moreover, the business will lose the trust of its customers and the community, which could lead to a further financial blow (caused by a damaged reputation).

As the government clamps down further on businesses selling alcohol to underage persons, pubs, bars, and other such establishments must become extra careful with every single transaction, so as to avoid the dreaded lawsuits and fines. One way of avoiding such problems is to install a driver’s license scanner at the gate or point-of-sale.

The Functions of a Driver’s License Scanner

A driver’s license scanner is a small, portable, and inexpensive device that can completely change the way in which a business operates. It can make the process of selling age-restricted products far more intuitive, hassle-free, and exponentially quicker. There are certain major advantages that a driver’s license scanner can offer, which make this device a must-have for all businesses that sell alcohol. Some of these advantages have been listed below.

  1. Speed

This is one of the major benefits of using a driver’s license scanner instead of manual verification. These devices can verify the authenticity of an ID card (or lack thereof) within seconds, displaying all the relevant information on a monitor. This allows members of the staff to quickly process transactions, preventing the formation of long queues at the point-of-sale.

Moreover, this enhanced speed also leads to greater customer satisfaction. Customers no longer have to wait in line to gain entry into a nightclub, while the bouncers manually check every single ID. This makes it more likely that the customer would visit the establishment again soon, and will recommend it to his or her friends and peers.

  1. Accuracy

Driver’s license scanners are extremely accurate. Unlike employees, they are not prone to human error, nor are they affected by exhaustion, stress, or any of the other factors that might temporarily compromise the judgment of a human being. This means that the chances of an underage person being sold a bottle of vodka by accident are almost non-existent.

During rush hour, it might become impossible for members of the staff to carefully scrutinize the ID card of every single person who visits the establishment, especially if the business happens to be popular in the area. A driver’s license scanner ensures accuracy and speed while leaving the employees free to serve the customers and enhance the level of satisfaction.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

The driver’s license scanners manufactured by reputed brands are extremely durable and low-maintenance. Hence, once installed, they can provide excellent service for years to come. They are quite inexpensive and do not require frequent repairs and replacements once installed. Staff members do not need to be extensively trained to use a driver’s license scanner, as this device is very easy to use and intuitive.

But most important, when it comes to cost savings, a driver’s license scanner will help prevent lawsuits and fines, that could have set the business back by thousands of dollars. No price is too high for the security and peace of mind that such a small device can bring to business owners and managers.

  1. Records

A driver’s license scanner is useful for another reason. It can quickly and efficiently store the data contained in every ID card that it scans. This means that the business can easily access some information about its customers, such as their age and place or origin.

This data can be used by businesses to better target advertising, offer discounts to loyal customers, and properly understand their sales patterns. Moreover, business owners and managers can also use this feature of driver’s license scanners to provide special treatment to VIP customers and prevent the entry of troublemakers by putting them on a list of banned visitors.

In Conclusion

Businesses that sell age-restricted products of any kind, including alcohol, should definitely invest in driver’s license scanners in order to protect their own interests as well as those of the community that they serve. This investment will allow them to reduce costs while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and trust.