There couldn’t have been a better time to sell CBD products than now as the growing awareness and acceptance of Cannabidiol is driving growth. In fact, a large number of US farmers are already switching from squash and pumpkins to hemp. The THC-lacking extract is used in almost everything ranging from beauty products to beverages and more.

Of course, these are exciting times for the brands operating in the emerging market but there is one thorny issue that still persists: CBD advertising. Because of strict advertising restrictions, CBD producers cannot use words like cure, treatment, relief, etc. And since there is no legal uniformity, the mainstream digital ad platforms are shying away from this conversation although people are keen to hear about CBD.

It is mainly because digital ad platforms aren’t able to classify cannabis-derived products, so some leading advertising networks have imposed a complete ban on such ads. This has left medical cannabis businesses in a crisscross situation. Now they are uncovering alternative means to market their products and reach target audiences.

The good news is there are alternative ways to market your products that can help CBD brands achieve their desired goals. But before we delve deeper into this world, one must know what CBD product marketing is.

CBD Products Marketing

Facebook and Google are the two leading platforms of digital advertising. Unfortunately, both platforms have certain policies that restrict the advertisement of CBD products. For instance, Google AdWords censors Cannabidiol ads by sieving prohibited keywords.

While companies can use vague wording to get away from automated censoring, it doesn’t feel like a solid strategy as an inaccurate ad copy will only baffle the end-users. In the same way, social platforms like Instagram and Facebook too don’t allow their users to run medical cannabis ads.

Together, Google and Facebook alone own nearly 60 percent of the online ad market share that presents a grave challenge. While one can’t deny that Facebook and Google have made it tough to promote Cannabidiol products, there are a few strategies that can be used to break through this resistance and reach consumers.

Below are some effective strategies that will help you achieve:

Use Custom CBD Packaging Boxes

Excellent packaging design can be a key differentiator in a highly competitive market.

But promoting CBD products is subject to law, therefore all designs are required to stay compliant with the regulations. For years, CBD remained in the gray area owing to legality. Though it has gained legal status in several states, CBD businesses are still closely monitored by the authorities.

This means even a slight error can put you in serious jeopardy as it leads to fines and penalties. Thus, brands should remain cautious and judiciously determine what to print on their custom CBD packaging boxes. At the same time, you need to come up with an attention-grabbing package design that can arouse onlookers’ curiosity and make them check out your product.

It’s essential to develop an attractive packaging design as you’ve got only a few seconds to grasp your customers’ attention in the retail environment. An ideal way to achieve this goal is by highlighting the unique selling points of your natural produce.

Functional packaging can also sway customers and increase the possibility of repeat sales. Packages that offer greater usability and storage of the products influence customers to return to the store and make another purchase.

Most importantly, joining forces with a prominent packaging company that specializes in developing CBD packaging like The Legacy Printing can also give you useful suggestions. This includes the use of FDA-approved supplement or food label that must be affixed to each box.

Join Hands with Influencers

Social media influencers have never been more popular. They have the magic to amplify your marketing in a breeze. Thanks to their large, engaged following, brands can instantly see traction within their niche. Above all, influencers can pitch your products in an organic fashion that doesn’t violate the rules of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

For instance, beauty is among the most popular influencer niches on Instagram and it’s also a lucrative market for CBD oil. Many premium cosmetic brands are using CBD into their products, so users can get natural and healthy glow. This makes Instagram an ideal platform for the niche because it’s the most visual of all the social sites.

By joining forces with the right influencer, your CBD products will organically appear within the feed of thousands of potential customers. And the best part is consumers trust recommendations and reviews of the influencers than the conventional online advertisements. AdWeek research shows that 90 percent of the consumers trust recommendations and reviews of other people than online ads.

Another benefit of partnering with influencers is you can post influencer-generated content on your website, blog, and social media accounts. Besides this, crossover marketing can also help CBD brands drive followers of influencers’ account to your website.

Most of all, you can do all this without breaching the CBD advertising laws.

Display Advertising Networks

While Google AdWords may not be the right option to host your product ads, there are other ways to market your goods. One of these entities is networks serving digital ads on various websites that are pro-cannabis.

Of course, this approach can put your product advertisement right in front of the hardcore and highly motivated customers, you won’t be able to connect with a huge base of buyers as it has limited reach.

Furthermore, most people simply don’t check out hemp or CBD products websites. As a result, it’s challenging to acquire customers within the mainstream. But, these networks give you an opportunity to create awareness regarding your product.


The aforementioned strategies will help you market your CBD products effectively within the legal parameters, so you can attain growth by achieving desired sales targets. Because these strategies will put your products where the eyeballs are, which is extremely likely to attract new audiences.