If you have cryptocurrencies and trading among your hobbies, you certainly have noticed a huge raise of people involved in trading activities. As a result, many groups have been created on social networks. More than 1000 are dedicated to this hobby only on Facebook. A funny and maybe rewarding activity for some people on one hand. On the other, an other part of the population warning about the risk that and increasing number of trades can cause. What risks? Basically all the ones associated with an euphoric trading period. The biggest one being a krach, meaning a brutal collapse (maximum a week) of a stock exchange market.

The latest one happened in 2008. It began with collapse of a small part of the finance sector which eventually spread over the entire economy. An other very popular crash happened also in the US in 1929. The New-York stock exchange market literally exploded. With consequences all over the world, putting down countries like Germany. A country which eventually elected Adolf Hitler as a Chancellor. Keep in mind that the first krach in the history happened in the Netherlands, in the XVII century. At this time, there was not yet any stock exchange market (although one was already emerging in Amsterdam). The krach happened because of a … flower. The tulip flower more exactly. Dutch people were really found of it and were spending all their money to buy one. The speculation about this flower was so high that a bulb was costing up to an entire year of wages. The tulip auction sells were the most expected events. But one day nobody bid, and the fall started from this moment. It took more than 100 years for the Dutch to recover.

Will crypto trading cause the krach?

That is what skeptical people say. An increase of the trading volume may create what expert call a speculative bubble. Exactly what happened with the previous krachs. A thought that can make new investors holding off on starting trade. All the signals are there for a new catastrophy. But solutions to avoid that already exist. Solutions like copy trading. You can follow and align your actions with professional traders.

Copy trading on crypto, the solution?

Some platforms proposing copy trading on crypto currencies already exist. The most popular, and according to many reviews the most reliable, remains walloftraders.com. This platform has agreements with Binance. These agreements allow the trader to operate on Binance, copying the best professionals moves. In this respect, if the market crashes, any beginner will be able to understand it straight away. And to withdraw his funds if necessary.

Many applications and tools appear every day to help newcomers on more and more complex issues. Walloftraders is definitely one of them. Krachs will not be avoided but every trader (including the unexperienced ones) can have access to all the information to withdraw their money. God bless technology one more time. You can start trading in a safer way.