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Men & Women Over 45 Struggling With Knee Pain…

The 3 Harmful Causes of Chronic Joint Pain: “Joint Pain Triad”

Harmful Cause #1: Cellular Inflammation

According to The Mayo Clinic, inflammation is one of the leading causes of joint pain in adults over 45.

In fact, some of the most common symptoms of aging such as aches, pains and fatigue are all caused by inflammation…

Did you catch that?

The inflammation inside your joint is causing much of the suffering you are experiencing on a daily basis. Waking up in the morning with stiff, achy joints. Trying to chase your grandkids but unable to keep up because of your “old knees”. Living your life constantly wishing your knees would just stop throbbing.

Inflammation is at the root of the pain you are feeling right now.

But that’s not all. Let’s talk about the second Harmful Cause: Postural Misalignment.

Harmful Cause #2: Postural Misalignment

You may not even realize it but how you stand, walk and even sit can cause havoc on your knees. It’s the “silent killer” you don’t even know is hurting you.

According to Dr’s Tetsworth and Paley in a ground-breaking 2004 study, they found that even a 5% misalignment of your knee can cause a 70-90% increase in added stress inside the joint.

They revealed, “This dramatic increase in load creates a four-fold increase in the risk of worsening the knee over 18 months”.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Even just a small misalignment of only 5% can create long-term harmful effects inside your knee and lead to osteoarthritis and other debilitating knee problems.

If you are overweight, this only increases the rate at which your joints break down. Thankfully, this easy 5 minute ritual helps quickly realign your entire body (including your knees) so you don’t ever have to worry about misaglinment destroying your knees. The best part is that it works, even if you are 30, 50 or even 100lbs overweight.

But before we get to this simple ritual, we have one more evil member of the “Joint Pain Triad’….

Harmful Cause #3: Cartilage Deterioration

Renowned Dr. Chris Centeno M.D., a specialist in regenerative medicine, states that joint instability is one of the leading causes of cartilage breakdown.

If you are experiencing sudden “shifting, popping or cracking” or “soreness or swelling after activity”, according to Dr. Centeno, you might have low cartilage in your joint.

Often times, cartilage breakdown is due to a common condition called “loose joints”.

Imagine your knee as if it was being held together by “duct tape”. If the duct tape is loose then the knee moves around too much and slowly injures the cartilage over time.

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