Sometimes it may be challenging to print PPT files without changes. Typically, the central issue is that its formatting is not retained when it is printed. Also, if you share PPT files from one computer to another, the transmission may deform the file, the text may switch position, the graphics may disappear, and, in extreme cases, the contents may disappear entirely.

Therefore, it might be advantageous to convert from PPT to PDF format. Luckily, the conversion is simple if you learn how to do the conversion with the right tools. With these, it assures you that whoever you share your files can be viewed by the receiving party in their original layout. Read on to learn more about converting PPT to PDF in high resolution.

Why is Editing PDF Files Essential?

While PDF documents are simple to present and share in any setting, editing them stays formidable. Why is it essential to modify the PDFs? Most often, when you’ve done exporting something like a PDF, you can identify typos. Or maybe the datasheets you used have been corrected. You might also need to insert critical text or designs into your presentation.

Fortunately, you have many alternatives when it comes to modifying PDFs. The best-known option is to convert from PPT to PDF, do all the mandatory changes, and then reverse the procedure. Digital users will agree that PowerPoint is exceptional at creating and editing, but sharing documents is not its finest asset, so let’s merge the best of both worlds.

Convert Slides Designed with PowerPoint to PDF Files

Ultimately, you need a PDF conversion solution, such as PDFBear, to convert PPT to PDF. If you are a professional presenter who demands better conversion outputs, be sure to use PDFBear for free. Besides, you will be relieved to know that the platform is cross-platform compatible. It runs Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

It is only essential to demonstrate to you how to convert PPT to PDF using the PDFBear feature. Luckily, you won’t need a 5-session tutorial on how to employ this web-based converter. The website only uses a simple four-step method to turn PPT to PDF. Also, this simplified four-step process is not confusing and remarkably straightforward.

  1. The first step involved when you make a conversion is to forward the PowerPoint documents you want to work with. This is a simple procedure that can be finished in two ways: drag-and-drop PPT files to the website system or click the “Select File” button.
  2. From there, PDFBear evaluates the transmitted documents, and a button that says “Convert” pop will up, which then initiates the conversion process.
  3. If you demand to alter anything from your records, there will be some options that the site will give you you can freely choose from. Please wait patiently for the conversion to be completed and let the PPT to PDF converter do its business.
  4. Once the documents have been modified and the platform has generated a download link, you can either save your newly converted PPT to your file manager or share it via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Benefits of Converting PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

So you’ve established your PPT slides, and you’re ready for the presentation. You may need to consider converting your PPT documents to a PDF file format before uploading your files. Why? It is for massively minimizing the size of the file that can come in handy when forwarding a large presentation from one place to another.

Another advantage is that your slides are impossible to alter once turned to PDF. For instance, if you share your PowerPoint with the company’s content manager, you will no longer worry about getting your PPT modified at the last minute. There’s nothing worse than finding out that your notes are in a different order or something has been unintentionally deleted.

Security and Versatility of Employing PDFBear

When converting any documents, you might wonder if it’s safe to use a free application or online converter. There’s no need to worry because PDFBear is sensitive to its user’s privacy and the confidentiality of all the details the platform receives. Once the features have been fully optimized, PDFBear will automatically remove all traces of your system files.

Apart from that, whenever you send a document to the server, PDFBear will incorporate a 256-BIT SSL connection. This is to ensure that every form running through the server is secured. As far as versatility is concerned, you can use PDFBear on almost any platform, as mentioned earlier. 


Having your documents in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel format is excellent for you to change them right away without thinking about servers that might help, but your security will be put at risk in this type of file. With that, there’s a PDF converter to protect your files. So choose a remarkable PDF converter on the market and try it out for all your PDF conversion needs.