Since the introduction of smartphone apps, many cellphone users have made transitioned from generally using mobile websites to apps. Apps perform actions far more efficiently and can store data locally on a person’s device.

Prank apps have very much done the same, except they have slowly replaced more traditional pranks whoopee cushions or leaving toothpaste on the toilet seat. Apps designed to play practical jokes not only provide additional, new features but also ensure you remain anonymous during a Prank Dial. 

Below we have listed the very best Prank Apps of 2020, saving you the hassle of installing the few terrible ones. Let’s start. 


If you enjoy listening to the odd Prank Dial online, you’ve most likely encountered the OwnagePranks youtube channel. While boasting a follower count of over 5 million, their app certainly carries the name with their diverse selection of prerecorded prank calls. 

Instead of users making standard prank calls, this app provides their own with over 100+ automated prerecordings with different prank scenarios. Each prank script is highly unique, making prank scenarios versatile and applicable to just about everyone you know. Some examples include:

 ‘Stay Away For My Man’- An angry woman accuses you of hitting on her boyfriend, hilariously threatening you to stay away.


‘You Hit My Car!’- Buk Lau demands money and an apology for a hit-and-run you supposedly did, claiming he has your number plate.

The app features many talented professional voice actors who play different characters for each recorded script, from an old, disgruntled lady to an overly seductive girl. Furthermore, automated calls are highly intelligent as each uses a speech recognition AI during every verbal exchange. This AI recognizes keywords correctly and even anticipates silence, so responses are on point and as human-like as possible.


  • Tonnes of prerecorded calls with new scripts added daily
  • Various accents offered in scripts
  • Call landline and mobile numbers
  • Calls are saved to your profile section, enabling users to listen again. 

Fight Photo Editor: Battle Effect Montage App

Do you feel like taking the day off from work but can’t provide a medical note to your boss validating your imaginary illness? With the Fight Photo Editor, now you won’t have too!

Unlike most image editing software that needs a certain level of expertise to use, this app requires none whatsoever. Thanks to the app’s simplistic design and features, all you’ll need to do is take a selfie and apply the damage filters offered in their gallery.

Relive the 90’s (it certainly does look like it was inspired by the movie ‘Fight Club’ after all) by adding black eyes, bloody cuts, scars and everything in-between on your picture. And once you’re satisfied with the new you, send to your friends or boss to escape going to work.

The app has an entire catalogue of damage effects, which you can additionally stack on top of each other. 


  • App has an enormous collection of damage effects in their catalogue
  • Apply damages on a picture of yourself, take a selfie to begin
  • Trick others by sending your new picture online

Solar Mobile Charger Prank

You have to give some credit for originality when it comes to the Solar Charger Prank App, as it’s not a practical joke you see every day.

This wacky, unusual prank tricks the naive (or those who lack general tech knowledge) into thinking you can charge a regular smartphone with solar power. 

To use the app is relatively straightforward – begin by downloading and installing the app. After launching, place your phone under any light source (for more believable results, choose a ray of light) and the phone will display a battery signal, appearing to charge. 

Since battery signal charging isn’t what most people anticipate to be a prank, it’s a fun way into tricking your friends at school that phone chargers are suddenly a thing of the past. 

The app also has an additional feature called the 3G 4G Signal Booster. This fun little add-on gives the impression that it enables users to connect to the strongest internet 3G and 4G signals, boosting their signal and internet connection speed. While a lesser-known feature, and perhaps not as effective as it’s solar power trick it’s worth using nonetheless.


  • Fake Solar Power Charging Prank, trick others into thinking you can charge your phone with any light source
  • Easy to use, suitable for all ages
  • Use their Signal Booster prank feature into making people believe they can boost their internet speed