One of the broadest terms in the field of mobile phones could be mobile marketing. This word holds a number of concepts and practices in it. It could be about apps, mobile ads, mobile websites and possible everything that is related to marketing and mobiles. Mobile app marketing is usually about two major purposes. One is to get the new customers on board and the other is to retain the customers that are already but either one of them has just one goal and that is to work it off for business operations and marketing.

Well, how mobile apps aid the business operations is a different thing to discuss but here we have to get to the different concepts of marketing the mobile app itself. As mentioned before it will be discussed in two areas. Gaining new customers and retaining the old ones are those two concepts.

App User Acquisition

App user acquisition is about how the application developers find their targeted audience. Well, there are around 2 million apps on the play store and app store which means that finding your app is surely difficult for clients and target market if you have not marketed it with something that has made them remember you. This is the contemporary times is done through using the digital space.

App Store Optimization

ASO (App store optimization) is one of the concepts that has taken over the over marketing of the applications. This makes your app to be visibly seen in the app store and this is how you make your target market to easily find the application. In a crowded market, you might get the right users through the ASO.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ads

What else could be best to get yourself attention? Social media platforms have always been the medium to seek attention and they have turned out to be really effective for individuals as well as for the business organizations. Through these ads, you can create awareness and that is all you want to have in this phase of mobile app marketing.

Retention of Existing Customers

Bringing new customers to the app is important but keeping the current customers with you is equally vital and this is what the second part of app marketing is all about. But here the techniques are a bit different. This moves from the awareness creation to keeping the customers remember you.

Push Notifications

I remember the time when I was in UAE and downloaded some local apps I really at a time got frustrated with app developers UAE who kept reminding me about their app and their offerings. But even after being frustrated I went back to them every time I needed something in that context. This was because they kept me reminding and their effort to retain me didn’t go in vain.

In-app messages

Another technique to get the app to be marketed is through in-app messages. Through this, they can offer deals, new services, customer servicing and such other things that will likely create a good perception of the application and the organization.  This will create the value for the organization and what is marketing does to an organization it helps them to create value.

These are the two different parts of app marketing and each one of them has got 2 easy techniques. These strategies or techniques might changes with subject to your purposes but the parts of the mobile app marketing will always be the same. But the question that I will really leave with here is do we really need to market the application? Isn’t it the case that people will eventually find us if they want to? What are your thoughts?