If you’re managing a company that is bigger with complex shift patterns, it becomes quite difficult to manage an increased number of employees working at your organization. Even the small business owners may take 8 hours per week maintaining the employee schedules using traditional spreadsheets, even replaced the record-keeping on paperwork.

In this era of technology, where people don’t want to stay in a queue waiting for booking to schedule the appointments. People of today want everything at their ease with no complexities. If you are managing a salon, you would have to encounter a lot of members coming and going. This demands a lot of time and energy to manage the tasks of each individual. So, here we’ll give you some advice to pick an online Salon scheduling software to help your clients book their appointments online.

With the increase in competition, most of the business owners are shifting from traditional methods of managing their business to innovative methods. There are many tools to share the burden of employees keeping them at ease.

Benefits of Salon Scheduling Software

Having salon scheduling software in place brings ease in life reducing the time span from hours to a few minutes for scheduling new members. It offers user-friendly features that allow you to create standard shifts. The standard shift now you can easily assign to your staff using a familiar, drag and drop interface.

Many business owners don’t simply change the schedules on weekly basis. If yes, then you need to create only a copy of your schedules to make changes on weekly basis as per your choice and requirements.

Most of the business owners work occasionally where there will be normal schedules than the normal. For instance, at the times of public holidays, schedules will be a little bit different and you will have to make changes accordingly. Salon scheduling software offers you with some templates to follow for some unusual situations. The available templates can easily be saved and utilized when required.


Online software is a cloud-based management software that is accessible anywhere at your mobile, desktop with a simple internet connection. It is not only possible for you but also for your staff and members. You, your staff and your members can check and create new schedules even on a go. When a manager makes any changes in the schedule and publishes it, your employees will be notified and will be able to respond to your requests quickly.

This does not produce any communication gaps and allows the members to discuss the things in an easy platform. Scheduling information and publishing it for your other members is a fast, direct and secure process – that does not even require the emails or spreadsheets attachments.

The flexibility to use the software anywhere on any mobile device makes it more important. The advantage of using this software with integrated apps for android, iPhone, and other mobile operating software gives a sense of friendliness.

This makes more employees see the schedule to let them respond at the earliest. In a world where everyone is busy and forget to log in the account on PC, having access to mobile phone allow them to check and respond quickly. With this, you get frantic, last-minute change requests.

Adapts To Sudden Shift Changes

When working on excel, managers have to bring into the attention of the one handling the excel sheet to make the changes in the work schedule. Moreover, managing schedules applying traditional methods takes a lot of efforts and there are chances to find mistakes in the tasks managed manually.

Managers take a lot of time making changes manually in the excel sheets that are not only difficult but there are increased chances to find the mistakes. However, implementing salon scheduling software would make it possible for the managers to communicate sudden changes without the headache of attending the calls. With the aid of scheduling software, you can make changes in your schedule in free hours.

Easily Request Time Off

Traditional methods of managing the business require the clients to send an email if they want to make changes in the appointment. With online scheduling software, employees can send requests online. When request received by the managers, they have the full control to cancel or approve the requests. This also allows them to give a look at the schedule who is coming to the office and the ones who will be absent.

Can Record Work Hours Easily!

Online management software has another benefit of calculating the work hours automatically. There would be not be required any manual work. Managing the business with traditional basis won’t be able to tell you the difference between registered hours and the actual working hours.

Calculate Correct Pay

Online booking software allows you to make a payment plan based on the check-ins and check-outs of your staff. With scheduling software, you will be able to record hours based on sick days, overtime, sick leaves and urgent leaves and so on. This is what that is not possible when you record the work hours with traditional methods.