Are you bored of your existing website? Is your website creating problems and minimizing your profits? This can be the case when you diagnose website errors and planning to redesign it to get rid of the ugly website.

Your website may not be mobile-friendly, not SEO optimized, and many other problems.

Well if these are the problems, it’s time to undergo a website redesign process.You need to update your website to compete with others in the market.

The digital world has no limit. It experiences constant changes.According to the statistics, 80-90% of businesses are updating their website.. To stay ahead, you also need to change it because your website is the true representation of your business.

Before moving on to the things that should be considered during the website redesigning. First, we will be discussing the problems where and why you need to redesign your website?

Problems in Your Website

There can be various problems in your website due to which you will be in desperate need to redesign it.

1. Your website is not optimized according to mobile usage. Due to this problem, your audience will not be able to view your product or services in their mobile. This need to be fixed instantly because now mobile usage has increased to many folds as compared to desktop.

2. It looks outdated, old, content is not aligned,or  no proper navigation.Instead everything is messed up.

3. Due to the old and slow website you will stay behind from your competition. Slow websites make visitors frustrated and they do not visit you again.

4. Absence from the online world due to lack of SEO tactics is the possible reason that you are losing your traffic . Due to this, you will not be able to show your products or services. You will also lack the engagement with your audience leading to less business.  

5. Lack of changes will make your goals undefined and you will not have a clear path to move on because you will not be getting the desired results.

6. You might not be updating your content. When you don’t do this, you are not resolving the problems of your clients.

7. Due to the problems like poor design, user interface, poor-quality content, you are not getting visitors. As a result, you are not any business.

8. Due to overall outdated design, you may not be able to convert your visitor to potential buyers.

With all these problems you are facing difficulty in marketing and building relation with your audience.

As now you are familiar with the problems and know what is stopping you from success. Your next step should be hiring professionals, you can get Boston website redesign services to make your website responsive, user-friendly and appealing to your visitors.  

We are going to provide you an understanding and awareness about the changes that expert will make. Following things will be added to your website redesign project plan to make your website productive.

But before that keep backup of our website assets:

1. Protect Your Website Assets

When you are planning and defining your strategy to redesign your website, always start  with protecting your website assets. Protect and identify the useful thing of your website that are helping you to get some business. You need to have knowledge of the following things:

  • Your highest entry and conversion pages.
  • The number of outbound links and information of pages they are pointing to.
  • The number of pages that are ranked on the first Google page and the ranked keyword.

You should be aware of this and should protect these as they are generating leads for your business. In case, you are not able to identify these things, then you need to add Google Analytics to your website pages.

2. Learn About Your Competition

Wait! Let us make this point clear. We are not saying that you should be obsessed over your competitors. This point should be on top in your website redesign checklist. You just need to stay updated and compare the things. Do the following things to stay updated about your competition:

  • Use various tools to get a thorough report of your website and marketing practices.
  • Identify your competitor strength and weakness.
  • Give a thorough view of your competitor website. Mark things you like or don’t like. Analyze the elements that your competitor is having on their website but you are missing those.

You don’t need to copy. Just analyze thing and think how you can be creative and can make your website more productive as compared to your competitors. Keep track of them to stay ahead in the competition.

3. Create Your Unique Identify

The question is Why? Why the customer should come to you, why he/she should buy from you? Before you start creating content, you need to ensure that there is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) throughout your website. When a visitor comes to your website he is blind. He is not aware of what you are offering and how you will be the best for his need? You need to provide all the satisfactory answers to their problems and tell them that you are the right choice.

You need to engage your audience, you need to create engaging content. Your content should be offering the solution to the problems faced by your audience.

4. Target Personas in Your Redesign

If your website is just moving around yourself then you need to consider redesign your site. What your website is having for your customers? Well, you need to focus on your buyer persona for building your website. Provide a smooth user experience to your visitor. Fulfill the requirement of your client by providing them all for what they have come to you. If the answer is yes, then you are moving in the right direction.

You need to consider the following thing when building buyer persona. This will help you to build a better relationship with your audience:

Categorize Your Buyer: You will have several buyers. First, you need to categorize thing accordingly to attract them. For this, you need to make a list of the person, job title, industry information, and demographic info to plan things accordingly.

Analyze Their Needs: Focus on their needs. Try to get the answer for the following questions:

  • What problem they are facing?
  • What they need most?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What is influencing their business or personal success?

If you can gather answer for these questions, then you will have a clear understanding of their needs. Furthermore, do focus on User Experience. It plays a vital role and it is the basic need of the visitor. Integrate website redesign UX process in the overall redesigning process of your website.  

Create Behavior Profile: You need to analyze the behavior of your buyer.

  • Check where they are spending time?
  • Which platform they are using to socialize?
  • What information do they search online?
  • On which of your product they spend most time when doing research?
  • In what ways they use the products?

You need to add these questions for creating your buyer behavior-based profile. The answer of these question will give you the precise idea of their behavior.

5. Optimization of Your Website (Visibility/ Search)

How to redesign your website to increase its online search? This is one of the important question whose answer you need to know. Your online visibility is very significant when you are going to run your business online. People should be able to found you when they search for the product you are selling. If no one can search you, then how you are going to get engagement, sales and leads?

To optimize your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be the key to get good results. Following are some website redesign tips to make it ready for SEO:

Identify Your Most Search-Valued Pages: As stated earlier, you need to know about the pages that are having high value in term of search, more traffic, inbound links, and keyword ranking. If you are going to move your pages, then you create a 301 redirects to avoid losing your valuable traffic.

Conduct a Keyword Research: Pick one or two keywords for every page. After getting keyword, use them in your on-page SEO. The tactics will include internal linking, optimization of header tags (H1, H2, H3), etc.

Highlight Channels that Attract Traffic and Leads: Get information about the things that are driving traffic and leads for your business. For this, you don’t need any professional help. You can rely on Google Analytics report to collect the data.

6. Integrate Calls-To-Actions

Calls-to-action enables your visitors to perform a certain activity. The action can be for downloading white paper, contacting for sales, or it might be a purchase of product. The addition of calls-to- actions help your visitor to engage with your brand or business.

During the planning phase of redesign, you should note down all the opportunities that can help you in conversions.  For instance, it can be contest or promotion, eBooks, whitepapers, products buying, email newsletter, contact us, demonstration, free trial, etc.

This all refers to the functionality of your website. You should also focus on it along with the redesign process.

7. Outline Your Content Strategy

More content more chance to grow and attract an audience. A website having 100 pages is much better as compared to a website having 10 pages. To get the maximum benefit, you need to update your content to keep it fresh. Build an effective content strategy to add more content to your website.

Try the following as the part of your content strategy:

  • Write blogs. As per the statistics, companies that have a blog can get 55% more visitors and 88% leads as compared to those who do not write a blog.
  • Add some press releases and updates regarding your product or services. It can also be about your industry. But don’t just rely on this practice.

If you are not having the resources, then you can contact companies that has professional writers.

Bonus Tips

Every website build today has the following esssentials :

  • Homepage
  • Product/Services pages
  • Industry resources
  • About Us/ Contact Us

But there are some other things that can be added as well to make your website more productive:

Blog: As mentioned above, a blog is a good way to engage and communicate with your audience.

Landing Pages and Calls-to-action: These both are important leading generating components.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO should be given priority as it is responsible to make your business visible online.

RSS Subscription: RSS push some of your content to other websites and people to expand the reach of your content.

Sharing on Social Media: Do add social media share buttons/ links in all your pages. You can take help of various tools to get this done.

Analytics for Check: It is important because you need to measure the performance of your website to see what can be further done to improve it.

As of now, you are aware of all the things that need to be added in your redesign process. Your website works as a face for your online business. It also acts as a reflection of your goals and your commitment to your customers. It is important to ensure that you are thoroughly checking all the elements when you are going to redesign your website. Redesign become necessary when you are not getting the desired traffic or leads. The reason can be design or development elements. It’s on you to identify problems and fix it. Have a small business? If you are not able to make your website functional, you can avail services regarding small business website design in Boston to benefit your business.

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