World of Warcraft is a fantasy multiplayer online role playing game that was developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in the year of 2004. Since then the game has been liked and played by many users across the world and has witness eight major expansions with Shadowlands being the latest. The game takes place in the world of Azeroth where the players can interact with other players, non-player characters, fight monsters and complete quests.

The main goal of the players of World of Warcraft is character progression where the players have to earn experience points and level up their characters to become more powerful.The players who are power levelling want to reach the end game which is designed for maximum level players which is intriguing and exciting. There are several power levelling ways which can be used in combination to reach your goal fast.

Heirloom gear

Heirloom gear in Wow are those weapons and armours that are bound to your account and can be used for different characters of that particular account wherever it is suitable. The advantage of investing in these gears is that they give you experience bonus by increasing your experience by a certain percentage and help you in power levelling. You can acquire heirloom gear by taking part in missions and upgrade them once they stop scaling.

Buy boosts

There are several boosting options that are provided by third parties such as WoW mythic boost to progress in the game. However, before to use them a simple way to power level your character is to purchase a character that is already level 90 in order to get a big start. You can shop these high level characters from the in game store and apply the boost to your current characters.

Boosting Services

The boosting services for World of Warcraft provide you with experience players who can play the game for you and help you to level up your characters. There are several players that find it difficult to play mythic and dungeons. These players can use the mythic dungeon boosts where the boosters will run the dungeons for you and help you obtain powerful gear.

Recruit a friend

The recruit a friend option inside the WoW game not only allows you to add friends to play with but also gives you bonus experience along with the opportunity to grant levels to each other’scharacters.Players that are linked together in such a manner can get up to 300% XP from kills and quests when they play together.

Use the Elixir and Special experience

There are many special experiences in the game, such as the Darkmoon Faire that is available once a month, which will help you gain XP and level up. You should also use the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, which drops from Krol the Blade, to increase your XP by 300%. Additionally, drinking potions of accelerated learning will increase the experience you gained by quests and kills by 20%.