Without a doubt, bingo is a beloved game in the UK. The game is hugely popular amongst a wide variety of people, men and women, old and young, rich and poor, it doesn’t matter – discover how to play bingo. Bingo is enjoyed by all sorts of people. Due to its sustained popularity, many people question why bingo is so popular in the UK.

It seems that bingo has been around since our grandparents time but the truth is that bingo has actually been around much longer than that! Below, we have examined the factors that have led to bingos increased popularity in recent years and discuss why we think bingo has continued to stand the test of time.

Origins in the UK

Bingo is a game that is not actually native to the UK, it actually originated in Italy during the year 1536 where it was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’! It made its way across Europe over the centuries and was eventually adopted by Great Britain during the Great War as a way for soldiers to pass time. It has remained popular ever since. Bingo halls began appearing across the country after the sixties and have become a mainstay throughout Britain. Although the attendance at bingo halls has been slowing in recent decades thanks to an increase in entertainment options such as television and computers, they still remain a popular destination for special occasions and nights out.

Online Bingo

One of the biggest factors that has led to the increase of bingo’s popularity throughout the UK has been online bingo. On the surface, playing bingo online should not have worked. It completely takes away the atmosphere and social aspect of the game you find in bingo halls as players compete with total strangers behind a screen. However, this is a perfect example of the game continuing to evolve as online bingo adapts these elements of the game to suit it’s platform. For example the social side of bingo is still present in online bingo, it is just in a different form. Instead of talking to other players face to face, you can now message them through the online chat rooms.

Push for Young People

Another factor is the continued push to get younger people involved in the game, this ultimately changes the prevailing image of bingo as well. Usually you picture older players when imagining bingo but the industry is making a real effort to try and get younger players involved. This includes having bars at bingo halls, offering live music and a bigger push that makes bingo seem like a proper ‘night out’. Online bingo has also made the game more accessible for younger people, the ability to play whenever and wherever you want suits the more volatile schedule of university students for example.

Final Thoughts

Bingo is a game that has endured through generations in one form or another. While it was created here, bingo is certainly a beloved game in the UK for a variety of reasons. With all the changes currently taking place with the game, it’s clear that popularity will only increase as time goes on.