Slots have come a long way since they were invented back in the 19th century. Most of the developments and advancements in free spins slots have actually taken place rapidly in a short space of time, from 1996 onwards. Before this, progress was slow due to little advancement in technology.

However, it was the introduction of digital technology that really got the ball rolling.  This made it possible to present slots in a new digital format that had huge potential and plenty of room for continued development.

The potential of online slots has definitely been realized and slots are now the number gambling game when it comes to both popularity and revenue and they are still constantly developing into bigger and better games.

Spoilt For Choice

What this digital platform has done is create a huge slots industry that contains many slots developing studios and because demand is so high, there are now literally hundreds of slot games to choose from. Although this gives punters more choice when it comes to gaming, it can also prove a minefield, especially for those who are just discovering slots. This is where free slots play can help.

How To Play Free Slots

The most obvious way to play free slots is by registering with online casinos that allow you to play games in demo mode. Some casinos do not even require registration to allow you to do this. Or you can play free slots at dedicated free slots playing websites. However, if you are thinking of playing slots as a hobby, then the casino route is best. This is because you can also test the casino software out and this is especially useful if you are thinking of signing up. In demo play you can test the games and play them with an imaginary casino balance.  All you do is pick a game and choose the free play option.

Free Slots Advantages

The beauty of free slots play is that it allows you to experiment with high and low staking. You can also get a feel for the theme of the game too. If you play long enough, then you can discover the values of each symbol and experience the bonus round or rounds. These are still active in demo mode and so are the random special features that accompany many slots base games these days. Practice play helps you separate the good from the bad and it gives you a clear idea of what slots to invest in when it comes to playing for real. Even though slots spin results are random, if you play any game long enough, you can also discover patterns in the behavior of certain slots and know when to leave a game and move on to a new one.

RTP Test

In demo play you can get a rough idea whether a slot game behaves according to its RTP score. To do this, you need to be patient and spin a game for some considerable time.