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Technology continues to improve with time, and with it, our demand for more energy-efficient devices rises. After all, there is no sense in purchasing the latest gadget if it’s less efficient compared to its previous counterpart. According to Handy, energy-efficient devices allow people to conserve energy, improve their monthly savings, enjoy a better quality of living, and even help to maintain a green environment. 

The Reasons

Here are some reasons for the rising demand for energy-efficient devices:

1. They conserve energy and reduce utility bills – Electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, dishwashers, and other such devices can be responsible for about 30% of your monthly utility bill. Since energy-efficient products utilize less energy to perform their task, it has become a trend to purchase more energy-efficient devices.

2. They are a better investment – The monthly utility bills can add up to a significant amount every year and so it is a better investment long-term to purchase energy-efficient devices even if they cost a little extra than their non-energy-efficient counterparts. The savings you incur every month is often more than enough to make up for the high purchase cost compared to traditional devices.

3. They are suitable for the environment – The exploitation of non-renewable natural resources such as oil, natural gas, or coal has raised concerns as it impacts future generations. Fortunately, energy-efficient devices use much fewer resources and allow us to aim for a sustainable environment. The use of such devices is also environment friendly as they help to reduce pollution and carbon footprint. People who prefer to use energy-efficient appliances often feel proud to do their part in reducing the impact of global warming and climate change.

4. Improves property resale value – Fitting your house with energy-efficient devices is an excellent investment because it appeals to prospective buyers. In fact, properties that feature energy-efficient improvements not only sell better but also fetch better prices. Thus, to increase their property value, many people focus on replacing old electronic devices with newer models that feature more ‘Energy Stars.’ 

5. They offer a better quality of living – Modern technology, with all its features, is far more attractive to people and energy-efficient devices are all modern. Thus, people expect energy-efficient appliances to perform better. For instance, LED bulbs save power and have a better longevity than fluorescent lamps. Similarly, you don’t have to manually adjust the heating and cooling solution if it’s an energy-efficient model that is fitted with a smart thermostat that automatically controls the temperature to save power.


Handy believes that there is no better alternative to energy-efficient appliances if you want to insulate yourself from the rising electricity prices. Plus, they are a much better solution if you’re going to keep your budget in check without any additional effort. As a bonus, you get to do something good for the environment. The environment is a precious resource that needs to be maintained by all of us. Energy-efficient appliances are things that may cost a little more, but in the end, they will wind up saving you money.