Any product, whether goods or services, need proper marketing to be successful in this fiercely competitive business world. In the yester years, doctors or lawyers generally relied on word of mouth propagation of their services. But not anymore. Today, the number of lawyers or law firms have increased manifold, and there is cut throat competition to acquire new clients and retain the existing ones. These firms need to do more than ever before to stand out in the crowd and attract new customers. Just like any other product or services, lawyers or law firms too have to promote themselves to get new clients and remain in business. To do that, they avail the services of law firm marketing.

What Are Law Firm Marketing Agencies?

Law firm marketing agencies specialise in marketing the services of lawyers and law firms. They primarily employ online marketing techniques to promote the interests of their clients Effective online strategies are used to gain more visibility and attract people’s attention. These agencies help their clients reach out to more number of prospective customers.

How To Market A Law Firm?

Marketing a law firm is no different from marketing any other product or service. Marketing generally means promotion of goods or services to the targeted audience. It is to showcase a company in a positive light and to emphasise why a customer should buy a particular product or avail a particular service. This could be done through television commercials, print advertisements, billboards or the internet.  Of late, internet marketing or online marketing, as it is generally referred to, is fast becoming the most favoured mode of advertising. It is cost effective and has much wider reach as compared to other forms of advertising

1. Determining The Target Audience

Based on demography, which is the study of both qualitative and quantitative aspect of the human population, the target audience is ascertained. It is also important to know what they are looking for and where else they seek for such informations -like different forums, social networks, etc. The more one knows about the potential clients, easier it becomes to appeal to and attract them to your website.

2. Use Online Marketing

With the internet making deep inroads and the smartphones becoming accessible to almost every one, online business is growing at an unprecedented pace. More and more companies are taking to the internet to promote and market themselves.. The internet provides a huge platform to engage in advertising and promotional activities. Before implementing any strategy on marketing for attorneys, it is necessary to identify the target audience. Once the target audience is identified, different strategies are implemented to reach out to them

3. Include Marketing Message On The Website

The first step in online marketing is to create a website that is structured to meet specific marketing goals. A simple and logical website structure allows to capture clients attention more effectively. Instead of  giving too much information, only a brief description is given about the product or service offered. The strategy  is to focus on subtle messages rather than clear-cut advertisement

4. Identify Appropriate Keywords

Identifying and using good keywords play a big role in ranking high in search results pages. . Use tools to find out the appropriate keywords related to legal services. Try to look for long-tail keywords as it is easy to get high rankings on them as compared to specific terms. The content of the website is paramount. A rich and engaging content with unique and insightful offerings highlighting the prowess of the lawyers goes a long way in generating interest of the prospective clients.  Optimize the power of unique content by natuarlly inserting keywords in it.

5. Optimizing The Website For Mobile Adaptability

With more and more people making their searches from smartphones or tablets, it becomes imperative that law firm marketing strategies adapt to reflect these trends. At the same time there should be a level of consistency in desktop and  mobile offerings

How To Drive More Traffic To the Website?

Real challenge for the marketing agencies for attorneys and law firms is to drive traffic to the website.

 Blogging on the website is one way of increasing traffic as it creates new thoughtful content relevant to the industry. Email marketing is used to increase repeat visit to the website.  A website sigh-up page is added to the website and welcome mails sent to the visitors to bring them back to the site. Social media is used to connect and engage with the existing customers and attract new prospective customers to the website. Interest that social media generates may not always be converted into sales, but it does help in enhancing the image of the company. Two- three channels that complement service offerings should be chosen and the website link be placed on them.  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, are some of the leading drivers of website traffic.