Animated explainer videos are now used worldwide from small to well-known companies. Thanks to its efficient communication system throughout the story. Animated explainer videos have already proved it’s a powerful form of communication that the audiences love. 

Many of you may be new to this term, so that’s why I am going to clear the air for you.

What is an animated explainer video?

 Short and effective marketing videos (about two minutes) that are made to attract potential customers’ attention is called an animated explainer video.  It is typically created to gain the customers’ attention and trust and make them buy a particular product or service. It could be the best engaging way for your target audience.

What are the purposes of an animated explainer video?

The primary purpose of short animated explainer videos is to introduce a company or a product effectively. This is the best and popular marketing tool, and it could help to improve the reputation of your business.

Key features of an animated explainer video

  • Simple, straightforward way:

There is not anything more attractive than a straightforward and straightforward way to explain the video. An animated explainer videos gain so much popularity, thanks to its simple and straightforward explaining way.

  • Educational storyline:

Animated explainer videos teach and offer the audience a vast educational storyline with as many details as possible. 

  • Short length:

The audience will lose interest if you put a long video in the introduction. You have to offer the main points of your storytelling without complicating the theme. An animated explainer video is shorter than two minutes and provides essential information without complicating the central idea.

  • Music and voice-over

Music is and always has been the best way to set the mood. Adding music increased the overall engagement of any videos to the audience. And the animated explainer videos correctly did that is why it can attract more audience than any other marketing video. On the other hand, voice-over is another most essential part of the animated explainer videos. Perfect voice-over can get you the attention you want for your business or product. 

The best way to create it 

There are now so many ways to create animated explainer videos, some of them are made by paid software, and some are free. The best way to create an animated explainer video free is by Mango animated maker software. Making an animated explainer video by Mango animation maker is so simple and easy. It only takes one minute to make a short animated explainer video, and remember this, and it is totally free of charge.

At first, you will need to make a video script about what you are trying to create and what you want to include in your animated short explainer video. You can also add well-organized subtitles to your animated explainer video so that your audiences understand the concept more easily. Download their software and simply create an account freely, and you are ready to go. Create as much explainer video as you want, and there are so many styles to choose from. And you will get all of those for free.

A final word

So, I hope now you know how to make an awesome explainer video easily for your business. It is the most effective to communicate with your targeted audience. This could solve many of your communication problems, thanks to it’s a beautiful and featureful short introduction. So if you want to make excellent communication with your customers, now you can quickly do that with a beautiful animated explainer video.