The biggest trending technologies of this era are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). The year 2020 promises expansion of both the technologies. Many businesses & industries are benefiting from such technologies in the current times such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, military, entertainment, supply chain and manufacturing, etc. Do you also want to integrate these technologies in your business vertical? Then a mobile app development company can come to your help. We will discuss the numerous Benefits of AR and VR Applications in this content. Let us get started.

VR & AR in 2020

Entertainment in the current times will totally involve a different scenario with the incorporation of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

As per research, Apple Company is planning for impartial VR & AR headset by the year 2022. The company later plans to introduce sunglasses with Augmented Reality technology in the market as well.

Platforms based on VR & AR technology are also evident in the present times. For example, eXP is a real estate firm that is equipped with a virtual office space. It is developed on the VirBELA platform.

How can your business benefit from VR and AR?

  • Retail and e-commerce – When it comes to AR mobile applications, there are numerous. Augmented reality application development in the current times will be reshaping offline & online shopping. With AR apps, shoppers can easily interact with various products and experience personalized shopping. Suppose they are walking with their mobile device on a store. On the screen they will not only discover the prices and the discounts but features and various additional details about the products as well. For instance, eBay’s tools are currently utilizing AR technology for facilitating shipping.

In-store buying by customers is going through decline year after year that is compelling retailers for venturing in the virtual world. Online retailers because of this are also attaining golden chances. Thereby shoppers can now walk via virtual stores & glance at goods in the similar manner they would be doing in real life. Very soon businesses will be able to operate stores & ship products to consumers even without owning real spaces. Numerous big companies will also be tapping into the benefits of Virtual Reality as they introduce VR payment systems. Here, virtual shoppers will be able to make payment for products without putting an end to the VR experience.

  • Travel and Tourism – Transportation modes, hospitality, local experiences such as cuisines & souvenirs, hotel bookings all come within the realm of tourism. Therefore, it is that industry where the benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing as well as AR business prospects can actually be witnessed.

But how?

AR upgrade is recently integrated in Google Maps. Users will have the chance of viewing streets via their device’s camera as the directions will come on the top of the screen. Augmented Reality technology will power GPS apps as well that will display tourist routes. On the other hand Virtual Reality experiences that feature 3D videos of various destinations can authorize travel companies for tempting clients for purchasing trips.

Training & education – In the sphere of education and training, Virtual Reality in the classroom benefits are many and truly noteworthy. Augmented Reality & especially VR can offer realistic physical & psychological experiences via enveloping real-life replications in a secure and safe environment. Unlimited possibilities thus rest for teaching processes with such technologies.

While AR technology gives rise to interactive and engaging schooling, VR technology will assist students in witnessing scientific breakthroughs from the perspective of the scientists. VR training replicators are also employed in automotive, energy, military, aviation industries and a lot more.

  • Marketing and Advertising – Enhancements in tendency to buy as well as strengthening consumer relationships are the creative utilization of AR that you can easily do. When the content is delightful, customers will automatically be motivated to utilize a business’s mobile app on an ongoing basis. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligent benefits for business are massive. This is because with a virtual experience, the attention of the users can be grabbed which means marketers can pitch messages precisely. If you run an influential blog or YouTube channel, you must begin charging for ads & reviews of VR products.

Final Say

The content lists some examples of AR and VR Applications that will transform the way individuals interact & work with colleagues, customers, students and other individuals all over the globe. VR & AR technology will find its increasing utilization in employee training, hi-tech store displays, gaming, etc. You need to take advantage of every new opportunity you get in regard to these technologies for truly succeeding in the current competitive world. Are you looking for an Augmented Reality add-on for your present application or Virtual Reality based software for training? If yes, you can contact us to hire a VR app developer and hire an AR app developer from our mobile app development company that will take all your projects from perception to market.