I see Instagram profiles of people who keep on adding flags of the countries they have visited in their bio description. Hardly, I believe that they would know what these countries truly owe! All the nations are home to distinct landmark beasts. They have their own cultures. Perhaps, each monument depicts a different history.

Similarly, every country retains its spiritual vibe! Some places heal your soul. A few places refresh your mind. To your splendid surprise, some nations around the world have such holy destinations. The moment you step into the boundaries of those sacred countries, your soul starts rejuvenating with sound healing.

You might wonder why you have not been to any of such places to date? It is because most of the people take a break from their routines and hit-off to the popular destinations on this planet! Barely, people cater to feel their bodies and soul. In this article, you are going to find the seven best spiritual vacations and destinations for healing. Believe me or not, after visiting these places, you will sense your soul, know more about your conscience, have the daintiest therapy for your mind, and reward yourself with peace, happiness, and satisfaction. Let’s take a tour!

1. Cassadaga Psychic Center in Florida, USA

Cassadaga is the Psychic Capital of the World nestled in Florida State of the USA. The place is more like a spiritual campsite founded by George Colby in 1894. People believe that George Colby got driven by the holy spirits to this site, and he founded the roots of the spiritual community that lives there today. There is a psychic center on the Cassadaga camp that involves all the visitors in its religious beliefs. The place is mystic and offers meditation, healing, and church sites for the visitors. The Cassadaga residents have blessed this ultimate spiritual scene of God!

2. Town of Varanasi, India

The city’s righteousness flows along with the holy river Ganga, and it is known as the ‘Spiritual Heart of India.’ Varanasi is the oldest city in India, yet its blissful vibe is intact! The origin of Buddhism and the city with culture, chaos, and color, Varanasi is most famous amidst the Buddhists and Hindus. Varanasi is eternally open for those who want to cremate their siblings in this incredibly pure city or put their ashes freely in the divine waters of Ganga. The city is an attraction to global tourists for its virtue, religiousness, peace, temples, and sacred communities everywhere.

3. The Whole Country Thailand

While residents fail to describe one destination of Thailand spiritually sound, the globetrotters find the whole country pure and pious. While you stack-up your luggage on the camper shell roof rack to visit this country, the numerous Buddist shrines will keep you mesmerized all-time on time! Thailand has historical monuments, religiously enriched replicas, a calm environment, peaceful presence of God, divine caves (Dragon Caves can heal cancers too), and tolerant temples! Its nature has hospitality that will keep you spellbound. Doi Inthanon is the tallest spiritual summit in Thailand that welcomes you to look at the city’s quiet resemblance.

4. Cape Reinga, New Zealand

If you want an outstanding Northern New Zealand experience, visit Cape Reinga. The point where the Tasman Sea greets the Pacific Ocean, this Cape is so sacred for the Maori community. The linguistic history of these people says it is the “leaping place of the spirits” because the Maori tribesmen believe that the deceased Maori people pass from 800 years old twisted tree (Pohutukawa tree) to return to their native land in Hawaiki. You aren’t allowed to eat on the Cape Reinga. Also, Maori people ask you to leave this place undamaged as it is the holiest place for them!

5. Sedona in Arizona, USA

Distanced at 100 miles from the Grand Canyon, Sedona in Arizona has entitled as the “Cathedral Without Walls!” At first, you will find only red rocks in the area. However, you will realize that the rock formations have superpowers, erotic energy zones, and unique healing ability. The place has impeccable landscapes, unbeatable aura, and multiple wellness centers. You can get yourself renovated in the home of aura-readings, spas, yoga,  card readings, meditation, alternative medicine, mindfulness, and suchlike, i.e., Sedona! It is quite close to Native Americans. However, the rest of the peace seekers come here for self-awareness, self-enrichment, and self-relaxation.

6. The Provinces of Japan

Likewise, Thailand, Japan, is another country that listens to the prayers of Buddhist people! The realms of japan have splendid scenery and spectacular spiritualism. A place known as ‘Temple Circuit,’ is a 1,200 km rim encircling the Shikoku, (Four Provinces) Island. Like Indians go on pilgrimage, the Japanese believe that visiting these four provinces with all the 88 Buddhist temples midway will make you enlightened! This loop is the symbol of awakening, austerity, and attaining nirvana. A forest Therapy Pass is famous for its stress healing activities. The Botanical Gardens give you traits of sacredness, serenity, and salvation on land.

7. Town of Rishikesh, India

The Largest Yoga Capital in the world, Rishikesh is the most consecrated city of India. The spiritual sites locally spoke as ‘Ashramas’ are also the concentration centers, meditation stations, yoga-practicing spots, praying places.  From basic to the luxury behemoth, whatever you prefer, there are ashrams for all classes. The town is far from alcohol and traffic, and the epicenter for pilgrims. The temples have a tremendous holy invite, and the communities are pure by their hearts. Any of your life problems get relieved in Rishikesh. The saintly town on the banks of river Ganga recovers soul and rejoices in life!


You would never know how these exceptional places on this planet will help you heal and make out the excellent vacation spots for your next big trip! Start striking on the spiritual spots of this world, make your soul sense self-esteem, and be happy forever!