Data driven decision making is vital for organizations today. However, un-tapping the value of data requires professionals with exquisite data analytics skills. This is exactly why industries all across the globe are hiring data analysts and skilled analysts are paid handsomely. Especially in India the demand for data analysts is extremely high owing to a lack of skilled professionals and also because industries in India are aiming for complete digital transformation. As a result, Data analytcs is a great career field for hardworking and talented individuals in India.

Hot and in-demand analytics skills in India

Data analysts are recruited on the basis of skills they posses and depending on that a data analyst can earn around 10 lakh rupees per annum! However, you need to acquire the skills which the industry demands.


Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world which is both free to use and easy to learn. Moreover, in the world of data analytics, Python provides by far the best environment for a range of analytics tasks. Be it data munging or data visualization Python offers many packages which are very popular. Python packages such as NumPy or Pandas are extremely useful for analysts for the advantages they offer and a lot of analytics teams working for leading techfirms are using them. Hence, acquiring Python skills can be an extremely profitable option for individuals seeking a career in data analytics.


In the field of data analytics, saving crucial time can be instrumental in achieving the goals. This is why SAS is preferred option for analysts all around the year as it offers a simple GUI based platform with easy drag and drop features. With SAS users do not need to code every step which can be vital is saving a lot of time as one can focus more on analytics tasks rather than getting bogged down by coding. SAS is also a great option for those who do not come from a strong coding background and thus a training is SAS can play pivotal role in fetching you that dream job!

Why should you go for analytics training in India? Data analytics is being quickly embraced by business organization belonging to a variety sectors. From Healthcare to cyber security to Banking, insitutions are investing on data analytics for smart decision making through data. Thus, data analytics training in Bangalore can be instrumental in getting employed to top companies in India. Bangalore is a great location because it is the IT capital of India and you will be close to the florishing analytics industry of the country. Moreover, a data analytics training in Bangalore will also be helpful as you can get a job which is future secure and highly rewarding!