1. What is spring equinox?

Spring equinox is the main day between spring according to the lunar calendar and the official first day of spring in the US and many European and American countries. Spring equinox is the day when the equatorial time of day and night time (the time the sun is closest to the equator of the year)

According to Western science, spring divergence is the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the time when the Sun appears on the “celestial equator” (the Sun is closest to the equator) and goes north. This term is also used to refer to a point in the sky that is the first point of Aries in the Zodiac. In terms of time, the spring equinox takes place around March 19–21 / 3, its exact time is about 5h49m later than the previous year in normal years and around 17h26m earlier in leap years.

2. What is the date of spring equinox?

By convention, the period of Spring equinox (vernal equinox) is the period starting from about 20 or 21/3 and ending about 4 or 5/4 in the Gregorian calendar according to the East Asian time zones when the Qingming period begins. head. In the Southern Hemisphere, that time was the point of autumnal equinox. In some countries, such as the United States and Europe (In the Northern Hemisphere), see this date as the astronomical start of Spring.

Equinox means “equal night”, because the sun is located vertically on the equator. This moment is special because the rotation of the earth is tilted 23 ° 4. Because of this inclination, we get the most light from the sun during summer (short days and nights) and least in winter (long days and nights). At the time of the Spring equinox (Thu equinox), the sun is at right angles above the equator, so the day and night are equal.

3. What are the outstanding features of Spring equinox period?

The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.4 degrees from the perpendicular axis of the equatorial plane, creating special day, equal time of day and night. In a year there are 2 such days, which are the Spring equinox and the Autumn equinox day. On Spring equinox, the sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west.

At this point, the cold of winter had almost completely disappeared. The weather is warmer, the air humidity is high and showers are more frequent. This is very convenient for plants and animals to grow and develop. Therefore, this is also an ideal time to start a new farming season.

However, prolonged wet drizzle causes discomfort. Some common conditions can be mentioned: Clothes have a wet smell, the floor and ground are slippery, the rain is drizzling but difficult to stop …

4. What does Spring equinox mean in Feng Shui?

The Spring Equinox represents a balanced yin and yang, which is extremely good in the 24 gas periods. Therefore, this time is very appropriate to carry out great things such as weddings, weddings.

In addition, according to folk beliefs, during the Spring period, animals are paired and reproduced. Couples who give birth to children around this time are lucky and secure. The baby is also born with bright intelligence, good temperament, and favorable life.

– Spring is signaled by drizzling rains, young uplands are sprouting, cold air of winter is entangled. In the past, the old man said that “Spring is awake, one moment of gold is worth”, a saying that means that spring is the season that begins a year of plowing and cultivating.

– But in the period of Spring equinox, during those days, it is the season of spiritual activities and rituals. These days, children and grandchildren visit the graves of their ancestors, clear the grass, burn incense to pray that the elderly will bless their children and grandchildren in doing whatever they can to benefit, increase and prosper.

– During the spring equinox days, due to the equal days of yin and yang balance, the climate is cool, the trees sprout and sprout, so this period is named Spring equinox. You already know how to calculate the spring equinox, but that is, the spring is divided equally.

– Spring period is bad in bringing luck to all jobs from marriage, childbirth and cultivation. Therefore, horoscopes often recommend doing the work during this time.