What’s the worst customer can expect from an eCommerce website? It’s not getting the product on-time or receiving the wrong product.

For an eCommerce business, logistic is something that goes hand on hand with the business. A frustrated customer will not order from the same store twice. Or worse, they’ll leave negative feedback for the world to see.

Therefore, to keep your customers happy, you must improve your logistics. In this blog, you’ll learn some fantastic tips that will help in enhancing your eCommerce logistics.

  1. Begin with a tight stock control

Is there anything more important than buying a product? Yes, it is stock control. You must know how many items are left in the stock and which items you need to order before they run out of your inventory.

To do this, you need to stick checking on your inventory. Day in and day out, keep a check on the hottest inventory items. You can even ask the developer to send an email as soon as an item decreases by a certain number.

Another thing that you need to take care of is the balance between the available quantity and the detected item. As soon as items damage, you need to know when the right time is to order a new lot.

  1. What is the delivery deadline?

A professional courier company will always worry about delivering the product on-time. A simple delay can frustrate the customer, which means that it will look bad on your brand.

The ideal time to deliver a product is 2-3 days. But ensure that you deliver the product as soon as possible. And if there is a delay, inform the customer what is causing the delay and when it will be resolved.

The more transparent you get with the customer, the better impression you’ll leave on your new customer.

  1. Package carefully

The way you package your product sends a clear message about how serious your brand is to please the customer. From sorting the product to wrapping it up, everything must be done with care.

Package the product in a way that, during transportation, the product doesn’t face any damage.

You need to use the available space as best as you can. What was once considered a standard package dimension: rectangular evolved into various other forms of shapes and sizes.

It’s important to mention that there must be strict guidelines and SOPs on packaging the product. Everyone must follow these guidelines to reduce the damage or any accident that can happen.

  1. Fair Return policy

One of the greatest fears that eCommerce owners face is returning the damaged product or returning the product just because it was not what the customer expected. In such a case, there should be a clearly defined return policy that can keep a balance between the customer and you.

The logistics of the eCommerce business is a skillful job. You cannot expect customers to understand you. If your rider has made a mistake or if there was some internal problem with the product, the customer doesn’t care about the problem at all. What customer care is how you’ll solve the issue.

There will be options when a customer is angry. In such a case, the best thing to do is to stay transparent with the customer. Whatever happened wrong, share it with the customer.

In such a way, you’ll gain the empathy of the customer, and the customer will even realize that you are sorry about whatever went wrong.

  1. Offer multiple shipping options

Expensive shipping can be an issue for some customers. If you’re offering shipping options, there should be for every category of customers.

For instance, some customers prefer same-day delivery, while others go for standard delivery. Some might ask for time-specific delivery, while others will force you to deliver with the cheapest option.

As a brand, it is your job to consider and understand what various customers prefer. What are some of the options that will get your product delivered in the best possible manner?

Search for delivery options that can provide you cheap opportunity at an economical price.

Don’t be eager to try out many options fast. You need to choose what can give you the best customer experience. Your customers will be happy to get their products fast, and if you give them rewards for choosing fast delivery, they might prefer you to deliver fast.

In the end

It is all about safely delivering the product. If the customer gets product fast, they will be more than glad to order from your website again. And if you give them a good customer experience, they might share the experience with their family and friends. Following the above tips might get your logistics in the right order.