Your startup needs to move from obscurity to limelight. Your idea has been under the carpet for some times due to unavailable finance. Do not worry. Firms encounter this at the early stages, except those created by well-to-do individuals.

As a founder, you are not rich but your idea is. Companies that ended been the most sought after were also in this shoe, but they went from nothing to something bigger than the expectations of their founders. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, later turn big due to the richness of the ideas but not the founders.

You also need financing, right? Here are surefire means of getting fund for your startups:

#1. Crowdfunding | A Good Finance Means

Crowdfunding is becoming rampant today. Startups leverage on this means to get early stage funds that skyrocket them into getting investors. Approach like minds online for finance with promises they will get a certain percentage on whatever they contribute.

Before unveiling your idea, you can get adequate crowdfunds from people. Now, some platforms give crowdfunding opportunities to startups by creating avenues for people to support different ideas with little finance.

#2. Friends and Family | Your Best Bet Financial Allies

Before revealing your ideas to the public, get your friends and families informed. They are the best allies that can finance your startups without expecting a return.

I often encourage people get support from friends and families, they are always in the best position to support your ideas. If you can pitch your idea to them without mincing words, be assured of a possible finance.

Many startups became big through finance from friends and families. You can also make use of this idea perfectly.

#3 Personal Income | Safe In Everyway

You have worked for a firm for many years. Why not deposit the money you gained from the firm into your idea? That way, you need no finance from anybody, and owe nobody any explanation. All expenditure on the management of the firm comes from your pocket.

If you are thinking of financing your idea, get a well-paid job first. Then resign after some years and deposit your income into your idea.

#4. Get Loan | You Can Develop Your Startup Through It

Working capital loans are ideal for your startups. If you are running out of fund or does not know how to finance your idea, get a loan that is not going to have effect on your dealings. In few months or years, it is possible you repay the fund without any problem.

However, make sure the loan is not something you cannot pay. Else, it may kill your idea completely.

#5 Pitch Your Idea To Investor.

Investors attend startups pitch to finance the best idea in town. Package your idea and pitch it to investors.

If you want investors to buy your idea, achieve some mini things before approaching them. Do not bring raw idea to investors; it may not look good to them.


Investing in your idea may not be easy. Through funding, you can be the next Bill gate, Dangote or Mark Zuckerberg.