If you aim to get that defined body and chiseled physique, see that you are building a strong base for your fitness program. There are certain rules regarding bodybuilding workouts that you have to follow. They can be a great help in increasing the time duration that you spend at the gym and the ensuring that the rest of the day is spent well. Moreover, you can make the most of your fitness regimen. 

You are not reaping out all the benefits if you are looking at particular workouts that you do. However, when you take into account the following factors, you would be surprised to see the transformation results: 

Law # 1: You Must Take Two Full Days Off Each Week

The first rule that you have to follow is that most of the people end up forgetting or downright neglecting the rest days. Most of the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts head up to the gym thinking that the more time they spend at the gym, the more results they are going to get.

The muscles do not grow without sufficient rest. So, regardless of you giving 100% when you are at the gym every day, failure to completely rest with that 100% of efforts, you are not going to get any gains. The rest is important. Do not underestimate the impact of the rest. 

Law # 2: Compound Movements Before Isolation Exercises

The next thing that you have to ensure is that you are performing compound movements before moving to the isolation work. Unless you are satisfied with your current physique and do not see the need for more hard work or muscle mass, see that you do all that is required to do the heavy lifting during the compound lifts. Also, perform them initially in the workout. Avoid exhausting your muscles in advance or you would get tired easily and this shall impact your lifting ability.

Law # 3: Bring Variations in Your Rep Range

Over time, you have to ensure that the bodybuilding workouts that you are doing are varied. This means that you are not sticking to a single rep range over a course of months but have a broader perspective. 

Working on maximum strength, try the lower end of the rep range of 5-8 reps for about 4-8 weeks. Gradually, turn it up a notch to a higher range of 8 to 12 reps for size and definition. Doing different varieties in the bodybuilding workouts is going to help you in preventing excessive stress of one type for an extended period. This reduces the chances of overtraining. 

Law # 4: Lifting Weights Should Be Top Priority

As you progress towards your bodybuilding journey, one of the most important things to bear in mind is the fact that you try to lift more and more with each workout session. Many people make this mistake of not putting effort into their workouts and just try to get by. Sometimes, they just try to increase the number of reps or the number of sets per exercise.

Sure, these could be of help while you are trying to make progress. However, if you wish to see positive results in both size and strength, you must focus on the weight. The more weight you can easily lift, the better the results over time.

Law # 5: Focus on Your Form

You should be in good form if you want to hit the muscles correctly. It is another important law of bodybuilding. Yes, increasing weight on the bar is important but not to such a point that your form begins to suffer. Increasing weight is important, but never at the expense of proper form. Check your form thoroughly every three weeks or so. This is to make sure that you are not developing any bad habits. Quite often than not, form tends to shift just a little bit with each workout. As a result, you end up doing an exercise that is quite different than the original movement you should be performing.

Law # 6: Post-Workout Nutrition is Important

Apart from working out, what is important is your nutrition. Especially post-workout nutrition. What you consume after workout determines your strength for the next workout session. See that you don’t skip it. Have both proteins and fast-acting carbohydrates right after you have completed your workout for the best overall results.

Law # 7: Honest Rest Periods

The rest periods that you take throughout performing the workout can significantly impact the results. Those who want to lose fat as soon as possible tend to shorten their rest periods in an attempt to increase their metabolic rate. Also, those who wish to achieve muscle mass opt for lengthening the rest period so they are 100% recovered and push harder as they do every set.

What you need to do is make sure that no matter what kind of rest period you opt for. Be honest about It. Avoid taking rest breaks any longer than you need to. Also, do not rush through your session prematurely just so you can get home and catch the game.  Bring a stopwatch to the gym or wear it if you can. Keep track of your rest periods. 

Law # 8: Track Your Progress

This is the last of the workout laws. Apart from following all that is mentioned above, keep track of your progress. Keep a journal. No matter how old-fashioned it may sound, but keeping a journal would keep you accountable. You would be able to see your progress. You would have an aim to achieve rather than going to the gym aimlessly and having no idea what they have gained. Just find some way to record it. Be it on your phone, laptop, or a diary. 

This way, you would be able to see where you stand. The more advanced levels you achieve with your training, the more you are going to learn about what works for you and what doesn’t. Sticking to these rules and ensuring that you are consistent in your bodybuilding journey is bound to get you some amazing results. Also, apart from proper nutrition and workouts, there is something else you can do to boost your performance. Buy Steroids Online – an online platform that houses some of the best quality supplements, fat burners, weight loss products, testosterone, and performance boosters that could make all the difference in your workout.

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