Let me guess: You are reading this post because you are mindful about health. Because of this, you are looking for top health blogs so you can get inspiration on health and wellness related topics.

There’s tons of information on health and wellness-related topics out there. Sadly, not all sources of information can be trusted. You need to make sure you are reading health-related information from a trusted site.

That’s why we have put together this list of the top health blogs. Trusted and reliable so you can get health news updates as they occur.

Let’s take a look at each health blog. And, of course, if you are looking for the best health and wellness products, 1AND1 Life is just a click away.

1. Fitness Magazine

To maintain good health, you need to exercise, eat well, and relax. Of course, exercise routines can vary among individuals, depending on their goals. Fitness Magazine shares tons of information about working out for people at all levels. You will also learn how to combat weight gain and the best foods to eat while training as well.

2. Health Magazine

It’s not easy (and is almost impossible) to stay healthy and fit if you don’t watch what you eat. That’s why many people are looking for information on diets, nutrition, and many other nutrition-related topics. Health Magazine shares useful and research-backed information related to nutrition. You will also learn the latest nutrition trends as they come up.

There are plenty of articles sharing the benefits of certain ingredients and the dangers of certain diets.

3. Harvard Health Blog

Harvard Health is a blog designed by the institution’s medical school. It shares medical news and articles on different health and wellness-related topics. These include mental health, heart health, men’s and women’s health, healthy eating, exercise, and fitness.

Every article published on this blog is backed by thorough and often recent research.

4. Mayo Clinic Connect

Mayo Clinic isn’t just a blog but a community of experienced health practitioners sharing their experiences. If you have a health problem that has been giving you sleepless nights, join the Mayo Clinic community and find support. The blog has plenty of moderated groups, divided among 50+ categories. That means if you are looking for information about heart health, you join the group related to your health problem. The way this blog is categorized makes searching for information easy and fast.

5. WebMD

If you have never read WebMD then perhaps you should count yourself lucky for not suffering from any disease. And even if you never suffered any disease then in your research, you probably have come across this blog.

WebMD is an award-winning blog with tons of health information to help you improve your life. It covers everything related to fitness, health, supplements, and drugs. Obviously, be sure to consult with a doctor when you feel the urge to self-diagnose a problem.

  1. Healthline Nutrition

In this blog, you will learn everything related to nutrition and weight loss. You will get a list of foods you should eat and those to avoid. Most importantly, you will learn how to stay healthy by observing good eating habits.

7. Wellness Mama

When Katie Wells was struggling with her own health issues, she couldn’t find reliable information that she could use to solve her problems. Being a former journalist, she used her research and professional training to find health remedies. Consequently,  she decided to compile health and wellness-related articles and opinions in one “Wellness Mama” blog.

  1. My Fitness Pal Blog

My Fitness Pal isn’t a blog but a fitness and nutrition tracking app. However, we featured it in our list of top health blogs because it’s so relevant. Aside from being a fitness product, it contains useful information about health, fitness, recipes, exercises, and other wellness topics. This is especially beneficial for people who are on the go, and don’t want to lug around a cumbersome book.

Choosing the Right Health Blog for Your Needs

When it comes to searching for health and wellness related information you need to be careful about the advice shared online. Always use information from trusted and reliable health blogs like the ones shared in this article. There are many out there but we’ve picked just a few based on the usefulness of the content shared.