It’s hard to imagine the impact and aftermath of a truck accident. Unfortunately, accidents involving commercial trucks and freight vehicles are not rare in California. Following such a mishap in Ontario, you have to take immediate steps. Firstly, inform the local police and get emergency medical assistance. Cooperate with the office at the scene, but don’t admit anything. You should also consider seeking help from a truck accident attorney Ontario. In this post, we are sharing common mistakes that people make when hiring attorneys.

Not asking about the specific experience

Numerous personal injury law firms operate in Ontario, but only a handful of attorneys have the expertise to deal with truck accident claims and lawsuits. When you meet an accident lawyer, ask them how frequently they take up such cases in their practice. You can also ask about their landmark cases and settlements.

Not asking about trial experience

Most accident lawsuits are settled via discussions and negotiations. However, exceptions do exist, and it is best to hire a lawyer who has experience taking matters to trial. Talk to the accident lawyer in detail to know if they have represented victims of truck accidents in court. If they did, what were the outcomes of those cases?

Not discussing the outcomes

A proficient accident lawyer will make time to listen to the case and will explain your rights and interests. They will also explain what you can get in a possible settlement and the legal options you can consider if the offer is less than what you deserve. As a client, you have to ask about how you can get a fairer outcome.

Not asking about their fee

While injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, you should still ask about their fee before you proceed ahead. The cost of hiring an accident lawyer is next to nothing at the start of the case, but if you win, the lawyer will take the decided part of the settlement. Ensure that you do not agree to pay more than 40% of the final compensation.

Not checking reviews

If you really want to compare accident lawyers in Ontario, you should check reviews. Besides references, you can check the social media pages of top law firms along with independent reviews on Google and other search engines. If a lawyer has too many negative reviews, it is clearly not a good sign.

Check online now and find a reliable lawyer near you.