Your home is your comfort zone. Unfortunately, age, illness, and disability can make things hard. If you want to retain your space and get the care you deserve, you may want to consider at-home care. In this post, let’s discuss everything about the subject and how to choose an agency for personal home care Philadelphia

What is personal home care?

Also known as companion care, personal home care focuses mostly on non-medical care. Some at-home care agencies, however, do offer nursing care at home, but personal home care is more about having a better quality of life without moving out of your house. This type of care is offered by nursing assistants, trained home care aides, and caregivers, and the services are usually customized for your needs. 

Who can benefit from home care services? 

It is a common myth that personal home care is only for seniors. Yes, older adults may benefit the most from these services, especially when they are in need of day-to-day assistance, but others can also consider the option. Usually, home care services are meant for vulnerable adults. For instance, if you are recovering from surgery or have a chronic illness, you may consider having someone to help with the daily chores and personal care. The same is true for individuals with disabilities and degenerative diseases. 

What to expect from personal home care?

There are various tasks that a home health aide may do for you, including – 

  1. Help with activities of daily living (ADLs),
  2. Light housekeeping
  3. Meal preparation
  4. Companionship
  5. Medication management
  6. Emergency response (calling medical services on time)
  7. Escorting to appointments 
  8. Running errands
  9. Rehabilitative services

How to choose a reliable agency in Philadelphia?

You can consider looking online for local personal home care agencies in Philadelphia. You don’t necessarily need a doctor’s recommendations to opt for these services. Start by looking for agencies that have good reviews, and don’t shy away from asking about their team. Ask the company how they hire their home health professionals and if they can handle your requirements. Many people prefer personal home care because they can get customized services, and therefore, the extent to which an agency can tailor its offerings to suit your needs is something to consider. 

As for the cost of personal home care, it depends on the work involved. If you need someone for just a couple of hours each day to help with day-to-day tasks, you don’t have to pay as much.