During the summers, the population of pests increases quite rapidly. Where summers are the time to enjoy outdoor activities and have fun with the family, these pests could ruin your overall experience. Your barbeque parties might often get disturbed due to the presence of wasp in the surrounding. The wasps might even build a nest inside your house or in the mailbox, which means that you are likely to get repeatedly stung by them. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance for them. If the infestation has reached a level where it is impossible to maintain a safe distance, then calling wasp exterminator surrey experts is the best option. Otherwise, you could make a trap at home to keep these wasps away from you and your family.

Importance of wasps in nature

For many years’ wasps have been used to fertilize a garden. The wasp’s colonies help with pollination of the garden, and they feed on harmful insects. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that these wasp colonies have some advantages. However, wasps’ colonies have limited for most human beings, and a wasp colony near your home is certainly not the best thing. Therefore, to save the natural process and protect yourself, we will discuss how you could make an effective homemade wasp trap.

Homemade Wasp Trap:

There is a possibility to buy ready-made wasp traps from stores. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money on something straightforward to create. With the help of a few supplies available at every home and by following some simple steps, you would create a wasp trap in no time. So, continue reading to know how you could make a wasp trap at home.

What You Need:

There are no special tools to make a wasp trap at home; you need two items a permanent market and a knife. The trap could be made with the help of these two simple tools. However, you do need some material to create the trap. There is nothing to worry; generally, you would find these items inside every household.


  • 2-liter soda bottle
  • String or metal wire to hang the trap
  • Sugary-sweet liquid


We have divided the process of making a wasp trap into five simple steps. Follow these steps, and you would have yourself a wasp trap.

Step1 Mark the Cut:

With the help of a permanent marker, draw a line around the soda bottleneck. Try to keep the track as straight as possible. You could use a rubber band or a string to make a straight line. Tie the rubber band or the string around the bottle the mark a line with your marker.

Step2 Cut the Top Off:

This is a very tricky step, and you have to be careful; otherwise, you might hurt yourself. Use a sharp knife, box cutter, or a pair of scissors to cut the soda bottle from the marking. Try to be as precise as possible to make a fine cut.

Step3 Add Bait in The Trap:

Wasps generally fly around in search of a food source. Therefore, you have to add an enticing food source at the bottom of the bottle. Different baits can be used at different times of the year.

Generally, wasps are looking for a protein source in the spring and early days of summer. While in the rest of the summer, they are hunting of sugar and sweets. Add a small piece of meat along with sugar water or wine at the bottom of your trap.

To complete the trap, you have to unscrew the bottle’s cap and place it upside down in the bottom of the bottle. Now the trap is ready to be used.

Step4 Set the Trap:

Place the trap at the place where you want to prevent wasp activity. Place the trap in an outdoor location distant from where you are sitting so that the wasps do not disturb you. 

Step5 Hand the Trap:

You could hang the wasp trap with a tree or outside your balcony. You have to punch two holes at the soda bottle’s side than with the help of a string hang it at any place.


  • After setting up the trap, you have to monitor it for dead and live wasps.
  • Regularly remove every dead wasp inside the trap.
  • Always rebait the bottle at least once a week.
  • Exercise extreme care when dealing with wasps.