There is too great a risk leaving a bicycle on a porch, but having it settle in the entryway isn’t doing anyone favors, either. As the cost of living rises, storage space appears to be declining, and cyclists, especially, feel the crunch. There are so many options, from floor racks to vertical bike racks. So, what is the best indoor bicycle storage idea?

Common Bicycle Storage Ideas

Classic bicycle storage methods – no one will argue their effectiveness. However, the aesthetic leaves much to debate.

Floor Rack

This is the ultimate classic, but forget about the bulky, metallic behemoth of our youths. Floor racks now come in a sleeker, individual-unit design. While this will help stabilize your bicycle to keep you from tripping over it, it won’t solve any space issues.

Bicycle Hook

A bike hook is the most economical storage method. However, there is a lot of work involved when it comes to installation – finding the appropriate stud, for one. The other disadvantage is having to lift your bicycle after a hard ride. Another imperative drawback of this method is the sterile, utilitarian look that might not complement a space’s interior design.

Horizontal Wall Mount

This method is the first step in the evolution of bicycle storage. It’s tucked out of walkways and maintains your headspace. As anyone with storage issues can tell you, the amount of wall space your bicycle will take up negates the floor space you gain!

Innovative Bicycle Storage Ideas

With the rise of alternate commuting, cost of living, and gas prices, cycling is not just a hobby anymore. With increased numbers of citizens choosing bicycles, storage methods have evolved to suit varying needs.

Tension Column

A free-standing, tension-mounted rod is an excellent option for minimal wall space. However, this solution does come with a shocking price tag.

Gravity Stand

This free-standing bike rack lives true to its name, defying gravity with its storage capabilities. The amount of space it saves is questionable unless you are lifting a second bike on the top mount.

Ceiling Mount Lift

Someone upgraded the classic bike hook to fix the lifting issue by incorporating a pulley system. However, you still have the issue of aesthetics and headspace.

Vertical Bike Rack

This gem considers all aspects of a cyclist’s needs, be it ease of use, space restrictions, or aesthetics. There’s no reason to sacrifice one for the other.

Ride On!

While there are many considerations when figuring out how to keep your bicycle, the vertical bike rack is the aim of your path to storage solutions. It’s time to say goodbye to tripping over your ride or leaving it outside.