Deciding to spend the next span of holidays in a beautiful spot in Southeast Asia? If it is Cambodia on your list, it is good to know when to visit. Many give priority to choose the perfect time. There is no wrong time to visit the destined spot. Before scheduling the visit, visitors need to know that it remains warm in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the monsoon climate comprises two distinct seasons- rainy and dry. Individuals need to know about the suitability of designing travel plans. However, precise month by month guidelines can objectify the task. Therefore, holidays to Cambodia can be at its best.

Know About Weather of Cambodia

Assessing the weather patterns of Cambodia is ideal. How to determine the best part of the travel plan? It depends on tourists and what one intends to do in their travel plan. Many want to visit Cambodia during rainy times. For refreshing in less crowded spots, many choose this period as the favorite time of the year. Moreover, traveling in the rainy season allows viewing the green and picturesque countryside. 

The rainy season in Cambodia ranges from May to October. It is worth to visit Cambodia during rainy times. Travelers may experience strong winds due to the southwesterly monsoon. Thankfully mornings remain dry. During this period, individuals can witness bright sunshine spreading across a clear blue sky. If someone bothers about the rainfall, it occurs during the afternoon. 

Sightseeing During Rainfall

In September and October, there are constant pours. Those who are wishing to spend quieter moments can go for it. During these months, on-road traveling is the most not suggested? In other words, the possibility of a flood is more. So, it may cause disruptions in travel routes.

During this time, it doesn’t rain all day, so visitors can plan sightseeing. It remains quietest during this time. 

Thus, the Cambodia holidays can etch different memories in people’s minds of people. People can continue sightseeing the major landmarks such as the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh and the Angkor Wat. Depending on the rainfall type, individuals need to make some changes in their travel itineraries. If a flood occurs, then they can skip moving to the notable spots of Siem Reap, Battam Bang, and Phnom Penh. 

There is more to experience in the wintertime. The temperature drops down in December and January. Even in January, the temperature still ranges between 25- 30 degrees centigrade. The humidity remains less and an excellent time to explore the local surroundings. Thereby, visiting museums, markets can be fun. Next, it is the best time to trek in the jungles. Another exciting option is to explore the colorful markets.

Peak Time to Visit

The Cambodia tour package reaches its peak from December to February. There will be crowds in the main tourist areas. The notion of spending Christmas in Cambodia is popular. Mostly, hotels are packed due to more crowds. For managing better stays, backpackers need to prioritize hotel reservations. Visiting the Tonle Sap floating villages, lakes and rivers can be ideal during this time.

Exploring Cambodia’s idyllic beaches is suggested the most during this period. The springtime is the best to ensure the seaside holidays in Cambodia. Flocks of crowds gather in the southern islands of Kempot and Kep. The clear blue skies act as a major source of inspiration. Similarly, it results in enjoying the boat tour. Enjoying activities of paddleboard and kayak are possible along the Kempot River. 

Places to Entertain

Looking forward to enjoying some lively beaches? Yes, Cambodia has a lot to offer. Enjoying some lively beaches such as the Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity beach is something to recall. It is the ideal spot where the party mood sets in, to continue from sunrise to sundown. The busiest celebration is the Khmer New Year. There is enough sunshine and heat in the southern islands. It gives ample opportunity to round the plans of perfect lazy days. 

What Attracts More?

In short, everyone needs to take note of the best time for visiting Cambodia. The dry season in Cambodia spells from November to April. The gain of traveling during this period is to enjoy the Cambodian Water Festival. The traditional celebration continues for three days. It is followed by concerts and boat races in Phnom Penh. 

Visiting the temples of Angkor Wat is no longer an issue. The best time to visit the temple is between December to February. It is better to avoid the midday sweltering hot weather. Try to spend the time of yours to have a detailed visit to the temple. It stretches over a large area and people need to adjust their timings. 

Bottom Line

Choose the best timings and assess the weather patterns well. Ensure your preferences and start heading to the beautiful spot of Cambodia.